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Transmission Rebuild Pricing

New 11/26/2004

Thought I would post this.
We deal with 4-5 rebuilders across Canada.

One out in BC just sent us updated pricing..

AX4S {1991-03} our price $1527.58 retail $1909.48 add $500 for broken, non-returned core
add $299.95 for 2yr/40k kms warranty, comes with 1yr/20k kms warranty
AX4N {1995-00} $1632.33 retail $2040.41 same add-ons as before.
4F50N {AX4N} {01-03} $1759.11 retail $2198.89

Just so guys can bounce pricing CDN dollar is approx .83c USD right now.

Please remember Clare is quoting in CDN dollars. Check the exchange rate when you use this information for a better guide.


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