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Travis Lusk - Cam Failure #664

New 3/3/06

Hey guys,

The name is Travis Lusk. I was on the list about 8 months to a year ago. No One probably remembers me, because i asked very few questions and sent very few emails. But I did observe and read a lot of helpful emails from other people. So I didn't need to email much.

Anyway, heres the point of my email. I have a 97 sho, it had a cam failure. It only bent the exhaust side valves and broke the cam ,of course. I got lucky, was able to find a new cam and get the head machined. The problem i faced was finding someone to put it back together correctly and reliable. I have a cousin whos a mechanic, Worked for Honda and Acura, who was willing to do it for me. I had it towed to his house, about 300 miles away, figuring it was worth the cost of a car dolly and gas money to have the work done for free. the only problem is, the car sat for so long with the head off the engine, that rust has frozen the pistons shut, as my cousin couldn't put it to crank over after being put back together. He waited way TOO long to work on the car, as it was a side project. I know now it was a big mistake to let him do it.

Oh well over and done with, now im looking to find someone to get it running again. I live in Palm beach, Florida. Im trying to see if anyone on here knows of someone in this area who can fix it , or give me the best option to fix it. Thanks for the help as it is much appreciated.

Travis Lusk

Details Pending - Buford

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