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Tuners For All GIII

New 03/10/2005

Sorry for the pun, but the new SCT X-calibrators will now flash the '96-'97 SHO's.

We just got them in and I tried it in a car here. Works like a charm. So now we can flash the early cars too. The tuners hold 3 separate programs and you can switch between them or return the car to stock at any time. It takes about 5min to install or switch programs. Simply plug the box in, push a couple of buttons and you're back up and running in no time.

In my tuning, I change everything from cooling fan operation to trans shift. I move shift points, fix the goofy T/C slip with A/C, modify the IMRC, smooth out the fuel and timing curves and move speed limiters where ever you want them. We have been incredibly successful in using this tuning. Folks have been getting better mileage, longer life and have been much happier with their cars. With this tuning, I have the ability to also modify the OBD-II functions and correct for catalyst performance, SAI performance or anything else related to teh emissions system. I also have the ability to tune for any type of modifications; bigger injectors, nitrous, blowers, cams, mass air meters, more displacement, whatever you want to put on. As long as I can tell the computer what needs to be done, it'll do it.

The really cool thing about using the tuners is that first off, once you buy the hardware, it's yours. If you need something changed, you can simply return it to me and I can alter the tuning and return it to you...all while you're still driving around on the existing tuning. There is no need to un-tune the car before returning the tuner for a reflash. It also stores three different tunes. If you want a valet mode or a nitrous program, just lemme know and I'll put it in there.

As always, lemme know if you're interested. I'll be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc.
Atlanta Georgia (770) 949-7191


Thanks Doug-

I don't want to take too much of your time, but I had a couple more

#1- Will this hurt my tranny? My '99 has about 95,000 miles on it with no
major problems (burnt the fluid on it 30K ago, but it was fine after a fluid
flush, and only code thrown was tranny fluid overheat). Will this firm up
the shifts?

#2- Have you seen any issues with the PATS?

#3- My SHO is pretty much stock.. I see that this has 3 programs on it.. Is
that my stock program and 2 that you put together?

I had a '98 Taurus SE with the 200 HP Duratec.. I installed a Superchip and
WOW. What a difference. Is the difference in the SHO impressive?

As always, I appreciate your response.. Maybe others have these questions,
and we should send this to Larry as an "FAQ" on the V8SHO site.. If you
can't tell, I'm pretty excited about this!! If you'd rather, I'll just call
to discuss...


No, this will not hurt the tranny. I make adjustments to the tranny functions that make it work better.

Contrary to popular opinion, you want the tranny to shift hard. The actual shift is a function of slippage. The softer it shifts, the more slippage you have inside the tranny. A soft shifting tranny sells cars, but that's not the best way to keep it alive. You want a tight clean shift that doesn't bang. The firmer the better, within reason. I also modify the shift functions so they are linier. If you're easy on the throttle, the tranny shifts softer, if you're hard on the throttle, the tranny shifts harder. I also change the converter strategy. In stock trim, there is a modulated converter clutch control. This says that the computer pulses the converter for a smooth, soft lockup. I regulate that down so that the converter applies smoothly, but firmly. There is also a line of code that unlocks the converter when the A/C clutch comes in. This does nothing more than wear out the converter and over heat the fluid. I turn this function off and hold the converter locked up for A/C functions.

So to answer your question again, my tuning is designed to help the tranny do it's job and do it a long time.

There is a lot of PATS code in the tuning. I can leave it in place or take it out. For the conversions that I've done in the past, I've taken late model engines that are OBD-II and PATS enabled and installed them in vehicles that were never meant to have those functions. In those cases, I turn the PATS system off and make the OBD-II functions so what I want them to do.

So there is no issue with PATS on a stock vehicle...unless you want there to be.

The tuner actually holds 4 programs. It makes an image of your factory stock program and stores it, then erases your factory program before it uploads one of my custom tunes. For a bone stock vehicle, I usually make three tunes for fuel grades. That way, you can turn it up when you get the right fuel on board. The difference in the three basic tunes is only in the timing and you can switch between the programs whenever you like. Reflashing only takes about 5min.

You can expect that and more. My tuning is much more comprehensive than the "off the shelf" Superchips tuning. I do a lot more stuff than they do.

Folks have been ranting about the power, performance and even about getting better mileage.

Hope to hear form you soon...

Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc.

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