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Under Hood Temps

The following is from a post I made back in 1997:

Date: 05-Jun-1997 23:23:39

Subject: Temperature observations

Just bought an indoor/outdoor thermometer today at Radio Shack. The kind with the temperature sensor attached to a wire for the outdoors. So I decided to do some temperature checks on my SHO. Here is the data that I gathered. Manufacture gives Accuracy at +/- 2 deg F

Outside temp per SHO outside temp gauge: 88
Temp in trunk after car sitting in sun for four hours: 111.6
Temp inside car after sitting in sun for four hours: 123.3
Temp at MAF driving 70 mph with engine fully warm: 85.1
Temp at MAF driving 30 mph with engine fully warm: 96.5
Temp at MAF, traffic light, after about 30 seconds: 111.2
Temp at MAF after sitting at idle for about 3 minutes: 146.1

Draw your own conclusions. Maybe useless information, but hey I was bored today.

(You will notice that the outside temp per SHO outside temp gauge is 88 and underhood temp at 70 is 85. This is due to the SHO gauge and the Radio Shack gauge not reading the same outside temp. I did not get an outside temp with the Radio Shack gauge.)

Paul Chapin CPA
Former owner of a 91 SHO Mocha Frost :(

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