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Unnumbered Cam Failure

(no VIN & not the owner)
New 8/5/05

Hello, my name is Paul McCoy I live in Augusta GA. I own a1997 SHO with 48k miles silver, I just found out about your website and have been reading about the camshaft problem, I purchased my SHO 3 months ago and I thought I was getting a unique automobile I called FPS in Atlanta and have an appointment to have my cams welded next week. I certainly don't want to throw 6k bucks down the drain. I am an old mustang man myself but when I saw this car I had to have it. It had been setting about a year as the previous owner died of cancer. It is in extremely good condition and looks as if it had been garaged. I was puzzled that the car had no mufflers on it . it is the sweetest sounding v8 I have ever heard. Just for your info the VIN is 1falp54n8va159514. I was very pleased to find out there is a web site dedicated to this car. My e-mail address is nanapoppop2019@aol.com. phone (deleted) just as a tidbit , last week I was having new tires put on it, the tires had dry rotted, there was a twin to my car setting in the lot so I went to check it out, it had 91k miles on it I looked at the exhaust and it had no mufflers on it ,just like mine, is this factory? The dash pad was coming undone over the gauges, just like mine. ( I have fixed mine with epoxy) I asked the mechanic what was wrong with it and he told me the cam was bad. Its still setting there, for weeks now. Thank you for your website.

Paul McCoy

Welcome Paul,
Details Pending - Buford

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