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Valve Shims

08/24/2007, updated 02/09/2008

updated 02/09/2008

Saw this tonight on SHOFORUM in a post by Paul Nimz.

This needs to be on the V8SHO.com site. Not perfect - no tiny little hole like the V8 SHO shim, but should work well enough if one is performing a valve adjustment and can't obtain good used ones. Full size range is very appealing too.


Thank You Paul. :-)

Eric Lehmann
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 I need a number of the thicker valve shims to correct a prior poor head refurbishment.

2.825 - 2.875 (1)
2.850 - 2.900 (2)
2.875 - 2.925 (1)
2.925 - 2.975 (1)

For anyone willing to part with what I'm looking for, please drop me a note off line. TIA


I bought 2 shims from these guys last year. I needed 2 2.85 to bring my TR to spec after replacing the one cam that was able to shift about 20 deg around the shaft. You would have to drill a hole thru them to make them work like the gen3 use compressed air to get them out, but that is pretty quick to do on a drill press. I also chamfered the hole just a little tiny bit on the side that would have the lobe hit. They have the best prices on the internet that I could find for the 29mm shims.

The Shim Calc proggy on their site was kind of interesting too.


Previously I used these guys which I got from a SHOforum link WAY WAY back when. The first company seems to have the best prices, but I don't recall how their shipping charges were.

Bruce J. Malachuk

Larry, I think the links listed below that Bruce sent to me should be added to the site. I call the first one listed and have the final two I needed coming my way sometime this week. They only postal ship once a week. They are located in Seattle, Washington, the price is extremely cheap, and they carry from 2.00 mm to 3.10 mm. TIA


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