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Walter Harris - Cam Failure #355

new 2/8/2004

Purchase this 1997 Taurus SHO used May 1999 at 26000 at 30000 the CD player quits, fixed under warranty. 2001 the a\c stops working. Fixed it under warranty then in Feb. 2002 the car won't start.
Took it to metro ford $1145 coil&boot assembly-ignition and tune up to a car that is supposed to go  100k before tune up. It had 65000k on it then. Last June a\c went again; then Aug. 2003
was driving down the street at about 35mph and the car quit. Restarted and made it home.Went to start it next morning had to hold the gas to the floor to start it.  Put her in the garage let her set until Jan 16 04. Hoping I had enough money to fix it took it  to one garage, they told me take it to ford that the cam was locked. I took it to my closest ford dealer METRO FORD, they charged me $95.00 to diagnosis and advised me of a possible broken cam and timing chain and on left side of the engine; also  have low compression. wonder about ford tech.
I am going to repair the car. I have too much now into it not to.
thank you Larry for listening to my nightmare

Walter Harris


More detail to follow.


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