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Water In Trunk Again


Iíve got a bit of water coming from somewhere. It appears to be coming from the left tail-light / CD area. The water is collecting in the spare tire area. The carpet was dry EXCEPT for the left corner by the CD player. The spare compartment liner was pretty wet, but not all of it. I had this problem ONCE before, and never did figure out how the water got in there.

I did some reading of old posts and I see that Scott K. had an issue, but I donít see if he got it resolved. Eric suggested headliner drains. Others suggested trunk seal or someone just opened the trunk by accident with the remote.

Could the headliner drain put water near the left tail-light area? I didnít think the drain tubes went that far back.

Scott K, did you get your issue resolved?

Eric, can you tell me how I can determine if it is the headliner drain?

Thanks guys! 

James Erickson
Ď98 Black Ė 56K welded.
The water in the trunk issue I had with my 99 SHO
filled up the spare tire well and left the right rear
side of the trunk wet. When I pulled up the carpet,
there was some sort of opening in this right hand
area. Check it out.

William Sullivan
My problem is on the left side, but I did check it out and all of the plugs
are there. I did note that the little hole where there is some wiring going
thru it was holding some water. I think that is just the first place it can
collect on its way to the wheel well.

James Erickson
It shouldn't matter in your case but there are drain holes in the top of each taillight housing, depending on the attitude you park your car at this could be some sort of impact.

The sunroof drains lines are the common culprits, one out of each "corner" of the sunroof tray. Check them. My issue hasn't returned, after just poking around some although I never found anything definitive. The best part about my problem is that the compartment that holds CD cases would get water in it even with the lid that covers the changer CLOSED. That lid doesn't seam up real tight around the edges so the water must hit just right or something on mine when it did happen.

There is a plug in the bottom of the spare tire well that will allow you to drain water out if there is some there, it wouldn't hurt to check.

Scott K
I canít speak for certain on the GENIII but two of my GENIIís have had leaking at the body seam where the rear quarter panel meets the tail light fascia. A little body putty sealed it right up.
Jim Leyden
The headliner sunroof drains run behind the side covers in the trunk.
They look like little nylon tubes running down the rear roof pillar
into the lower rear quarter panel area inside the trunk. These can
leak into the trunk instead of draining properly.

Eric Lehmann
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