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Wax Removal Around Trim

New 02/18/2007

by my own stupid fault I have managed to get wax on the rubber outer edge of the windows "mainly the big oval rear). I have tried everything from leather conditioner to vinyl conditioners, tire black. ect. to get the wax off. Nothing has worked. I assume I am just SOL. Has someone other than me done this???

RM 50K
Mother's "Back to Black" for the win.

Eric Lehmann
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I'll see you a Mother's Back to Black and raise you a Wurth Rubber Care. At this point Ty, you may wish to consider getting one of Don's full detailing kits from www.dccarcare.com  Exterior Detail Kit would include the Collinite discussed in the other thread, the Wurth Rubber Care, which does a great job with wax on trim, on top of a nice glaze and some other treats. 
Great guy, fantastic service, especially if you're willing to allow him to run some of your stuff over while driving your car ;-)

Head Troll
I would use a pink eraser first to get rid of most of the wax, then
Back to Black to make everything look reasonably nice. That rear
window surround is a pain in that regard because the surface is so

This doesn't do you any good NOW, but next time around, treat all the
rubber first, THEN wax/polish the car. That makes it much easier to
prevent those unsightly wax marks on the black rubber.

Dan Carman
Philadelphia, PA
Years ago, I found a product that worked well for this area and also
things like black plastic door handles, roof racks, and that stuff
around the wiper area.

Wurth Rubber Care. A clear spray that makes these parts look good
again, may need re-treatment from time to time depending on how bad it
is. I don't like most liquid waxes for this reason, so easy to really
mess up black trim and get into all cracks and under emblems. A good
paste with a decent application sponge is so much easier to work with.

Again, it is on my site:

(Shameless Plug)
If you want it to look new and stay that way for more than a month paint it with some black rubber bumper spray paint. Also cures the window trim fungus.

Paul Nimz
On the 97 TR I purchased, the rubber around all the windows were cracked and had wax in them. I purchased a pint of outside latex paint and proceeded to paint all the trim. Did all the trim with a small 1/2 and 1/4 brush. Looks good! It also helped fill in all the cracks. When my wife got home that day, she thought I had replaced them all. Just my 2 cents worth.
Mike Bouchillon
97 PG
97 TR
97 TR(cam faillure & parts car)

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