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What Exactly Does Tune Mean


When I hear the words 'Dont forget to tune' does someone mind telling me what exactly that is?
I'm guessing there are multiple types of tunes, exhaust, intake, turbo/SC, etc.

Who does it?
How much is it?
What do they do?
How long does it take?
Stuff like that, please and thank
99TR 87k, welded/Eric'd
K&N Panel Filter w/Sax Removed
De-Forded / Re-Badged Emblems
Xenon Hyper White Headlights
LED Stop & Turn Signals

Tune is to modify the existing PCM program. SCT is currently the leader by far on the V8 SHO. I tune for NESHO and there are others around that also will.

Cost is dependant on the actual person or business you are getting it from but it is usually +$400. This gets you a SCT Xcalibrator 2 flasher which will hold 3 programs and your original program, plus the ability to make some changes on your own and data log the results. You can also read and clear codes with it.

Many parameters can be changed, timing, fuel ratio, turning off certain things and most tranny functions.

Takes about a minute to load a tune into the car through the OBDII port. 


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