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Title: Where is that Stupid Grommet?

11/06/2003, updated 09/29/2004

Okay, so I've yet to actually LOCATE this mysterious grommet in the firewall on the SHO. The one that is mentioned in the SARC switch instructions, and that most people have run their switch wires through for aftermarket light additions.

Does anyone have a picture or diagram of where to actually find this little bugger? Pictures from inside the engine and/or inside the car would be especially helpful. I'm almost ready to run the wires for the switch, but without this grommet, I'm pretty much dead in the water.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

-John Breen III

Get a flash light and stand on the drivers side of the SHO with the hood open. Shine the flash light back at the firewall just above the strut tower and just to the top right of the brake booster. You should see it right there.

 If you try to poke a hole in it from the outside, more than likely you will push the grommet out.

 You can go inside the SHO, and  where the fuse box is remove the cover and then remove the nuts that hold it in place and snap the whole thing down out of the way. 

You will then be able to see the grommet with the flash light.

 Poke a hole in it from this way and it may not pop out. One thing I did when I had to run a wire through it was push the grommet out from the outside going in. Put the hole in it then run your wire through it, then run the wire through the hole going out to the engine compartment and you can use the wire as a guide to get the grommet back in place. 

Popping the grommet back in place is not easy. And I hope you don't have a big gut to get under the dash. 

99 SF

Get a real bright small flashlight and look above the fuse box inside. It is nearly impossible to locate from the engine compartment as it is behind and slightly left of the brake booster.
It is pretty big, maybe like 2" in diameter?
Carter Fuji 

I used a 16" 1/4" drill bit to drill a hole through it. Then taped wire to a coat hanger and pushed it slowly through the hole on the last car I did. On my car there is no more grommet but a hose which is full of wire.

Paul Nimz

You should be able to go to a home improvement store, get a 18 or 24" long drill bit with a hole horizontally through the tip of the bit, so that, after it goes through the firewall, you can thread a small wire through it, and pull it back through with the end of the bit, then pull through. However big a wire you need, TELCO installer and electricians use them...
James Jensen 

(click to enlarge)

Photos courtesy of Kirk who butchered another one for the cause!




I finally found out the reason for the famous grommet. It is for the column shifter cable......

Paul Nimz

Wow, that is big enough of a hole a blind man with no hands could feed that cable through that, once he located it of course.

Carter Fuji



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