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Whit Sutton - Cam Failure #370

new 3/10/04


I purchased a 1999 sho (EBAY) with 39376 miles in Atlanta last weekend. I found some service records in the car with the first owners name and address.

I talked to the original owner's wife about my new car today. I needed the door codes and to see if there were any problems she had with it I needed to know about. She told me It was a great car but they lost a lot of money on it (one owner depreciation) and then "there was that thing with the engine"  ...uh oh

She told me the car had developed a ticking this December and they took it to the dealer. Ford ending up splitting the 2500.00 bill with them for replacing two cams at 39000 miles.

I talked with the service manager at Wade Ford in Atlanta. He said the two rear cams were replaced and in January and that the repair carried a 1 year/12000 mile warranty

Should I be more worried of the others cams failing because of this?...any double failures that you know of?

At least half my engine is covered till i get it welded in August


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