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White Faces Gauges (Bulb Replacement)

new 3/17/2004

Well here is the info that some were looking for regarding the bulb replacement if you had ordered the White Face Gauges from Scott. As some have noticed as well as I that when you install the gauges you cannot see any of the idiot lights including the signals during the day and the illumination of the gauges at night was dismal at best. (I have had though quite a few compliments on how nice the gauges look during the day. I have included some pic's, sorry no night time pic's as I just could not get them to turn out) Well I experimented with new higher watt bulbs and met with decent success. Bottom line is the material the gauges are made of is to thick but with the bulb change that I did I can now see the signal blinkers during the day as well as the idiot lights and at night I would say the illumination has increased by about 20%. It's not as bright as OEM even with the upgraded bulbs but still look's decent both during the day and at night. Here are the changes that I made, you may like them exactly the same way or decide for yourself how you would like to change the configuration of bulbs.

- Dash Light Illumination, 5 bulbs. OEM #194 (3.5 watt), changed to a #168 (5 watt)

- Signals, Engine Service Light, Oil Light, Amp, OEM #37 (1 watt), changed to a #70 (2 watt)

- Low Coolant, Seat Belt, Low Fuel, Door Ajar, High Beam, Air Bag, Brake, Cruise, Anti Lock, Over Drive OEM #37 (1 watt), changed to a #74 (1.5 watt)

*** Note that the Theft light is a LED so it was not changed.

*** Another Note, The High Beam indicator light could have actually used a #70 (2 watt) as it is very hard to see because of it's blue color. But it stayed a #74 (1.5 watt) as I don't think I will be using my high beams during the day and it shows up well at night when you need it.

*** Last Note. The bulb holders twist out but each has 2 little plastic prongs on them that have to be lifted in order to be able to turn the holder out to replace it with a new bulb. Well since I was sitting at the kitchen table as Scott suggested I used to 2 steak knife's because of the sharp small points that would fit under the little prongs. You can do it by your self but having a second person saves allot of time. Use the 2 steak knives (or what you can come up with) lift the prongs and have the other person use needle nose pliers to twist the holder and bulb out. I recommend needle nose pliers because if you have big fingers you cannot get them in there to twist the bulb out. Bulb holders twist back in no problem. All the bulbs from the different companies have the same bulbs. I used a brand here in Canada called Jetco made by GE but a half the cost. $12.00 Canadian for 10 #70 and 10 #74. Well I hope this can be of some help to who ever out there has ordered the white face gauges and needs to replace the bulbs.



Thanks to Clay for that research. My White face gauges are the older style that came with dual lighting, but this is interesting and I may change mine out.


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