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Who Do I Gripe Too?

new 3/20/02

 Say you have a 400# paper weight of an engine and you are out $8000 due to a defective engine design. Ok, your dealership doesn't know a SHO from a SLO. Mr. Bad Wrench doesn't know a battery from a muffler. The service writer could not tell the truth if he had a conscience transplant.

So you call the Ford Help line and speak to the no-authority designated-liars. That and $2 will get you a gallon of gas.  Ford KNOWS they have a major problem but until or unless one of our cars kills us they are going to keep ducking responsibility.

The zone reps will not return our phone calls, the Ford guys we once met at trade shows who gave us their business cards are afraid to talk to us.

What do we do? The NHTSA works with all the effectiveness of INS. Six months from now you may get a letter not telling you Ford recalled the transmission, cam sprocket or IMRC but just thanking you for your submission. 

I think we are unfair to Ford, they are a responsible, honest and forthright. (grin) They would LOVE to hear from us if we only knew how to contact them.

See below:

A reminder, don't threaten, don't be crude or vulgar, stick to the facts and ALWAYS act professional - just don't give up.



       Have you gotten in at any Ford Corporate sites yet? I got in at http://www.ford.com/en/default.htm and http://www.fordvehicles.com/index.asp?mode=true

I looked on the Blue Oval News website. Ford has a problem with Mustang gas tanks. Below is a list of Ford People to complain to.

Jay K

Ford Motor Company Managers

Notes: The first phone number listed is the direct line. The second is the fax number. All phone numbers are in the 313 area code. Call your dealership to see what zone you are in to find your zone manager. More FORD CONTACTS

Brand Loyalty Manager
SIMONDS, A. (Alexandra) asimonds@ford.com 845-3478 845-0255

Owner Loyalty Specialist
CAMES, C. M. (Christine) cames1@ford.com 845-3569 845-0255

ROBERTS, M. (Michelle) mrober66@ford.com 317-4444 845-0255

Brand Specialist
BUCKI, K. S. (Karen) kbucki@ford.com 845-3465 845-0255

Regional Sales Manager
KAEGI, D. L. (Don) dkaegi@ford.com 845-1362 845-0255

Regional Operations Mgr.
MANGUM, K. D. (Kurt) kmangum@ford.com 845-1367 845-0255

Regional Mgmt. Analyst
STECKROTH, E. K. (Lyn) esteckro@ford.com 845-1519 845-0255

District Manager--Metro/Suburban Detroit
SMITH, G. R. (Gary) gsmith36@ford.com 845-3786 845-0255

Zone Manager - A
BERGER, A. (April) aberger2@ford.com 845-1693 845-0220

Zone Manager - C
VIGLIOTTI, M. (Mick) mvigliot@ford.com 845-1722 845-0220

Zone Manager - D
DENTON, M. (Michele) mdenton1@ford.com 845-2356 845-0220

Zone Manager - E
ROGOWSKI, M. A. (Marc) mrogows1@ford.com 845-2506 845-0220

District Manager - Greater Michigan
POLJAN, M. T. (Marty) mpoljan@ford.com 845-3869 845-0220

Zone Manager - G
MCINTOSH, S. (Syl) smcinto2@ford.com 845-2839 845-0220

Zone Manager - H
AZARIAH, J. (Julian) jazariah@ford.com 845-2860 845-0220

Zone Manager - J
RAY, E. C. (Eddie) eray1@ford.com 845-2895 845-0220

Zone Manager - M
SIMONE, K. M. (Kristin) ksimone@ford.com 845-3069 845-0220

District Manager - OH and IN
BOUTILIER, A. G. (Andrew) aboutili@ford.com 845-3367 845-0255

Zone Manager - F
BOMBRYS, K. (Kassy) kbombrys@ford.com 845-2676 845-0220

Zone Manager - K
PARKS, N. C. (Nick) nparks2@ford.com 845-3032 845-0220

Zone Manager - V
MANIKOWSKI, M. A. (Mary) mmanikow@ford.com 845-3295 845-0255

Zone Manager - W
ALDRICH, D. (Dawn) daldric1@ford.com 845-3343 845-0255

Planning and Distribution
SAID, M. G. (Mario) msaid@ford.com 845-4473 845-0220

Distribution Analyst
ELLINGSWORTH, T. B. (Terri) tellings@ford.com 845-4497 845-0220

WEBBER, E. (Liz) ewebber@ford.com 845-4529 845-0220

Regional Market Rep. Manager
DUFFY, M. E. (Mike) mduffy1@ford.com 845-3609 845-0255

Market Representation Manager
RAYMOND, C. L. (Chris) craymon3@ford.com 845-3669 845-0255

Market Representation Specialist
NELSON, J. A. (Judy) jnelson9@ford.com 845-3743 845-0255

CHYTIL, A. G. (Andrea) achytil@ford.com 845-3923 845-0220

Contact Information