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William Anguish - Cam Failure # 393

New 4/27/04

My name is William Anguish I HAVE 1996 SHO VIN#1falp54n9ta298872 my home address is <>. My E-mail address is SAM3900@MSN.COM phone # is <> The car is going in to Ray's auto shop today. In August of 2003 the car went a ford dealership for check engine light & over heating problem .They thought the engine shot because one the cyl was not firing they took the top half engine of the engine apart and it only needed a tune up they never said anything about the cams. I started to hear slight ticking noise a couple of weeks ago, Sunday April 18 2004 the engine died taking off from a red light. Two repair shops told me it was a wiring problem but could not fix it, the shop that has it now told me that it was not a wring problem but a timing chain problem but they said they could not fix it . That's when I remembered about the cam problem.


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