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William & Jenny Ordean - Cam Failure

updated 5/6/02

Good afternoon Tim.

My name is William Ordean, my wife & I own a 96 SHO w/ 42000 mi. Run Mobil 1 20-50w in it. I had burn off of oil @ about every 1000 I would need to add a qrt. When I switched to Mobil1 20-50w I don't have to add until 2500 mi. Starting about last Nov (00). I started hearing a ticking sound & it slowly got worse. We finally stop driving the car in may-June. I spent a lot of time at v8sho.com . And realized that it is the camshafts (I do believe) sounds like a sowing mach. I thought our motor had finally failed. Until I talked to Doug Lewis at Ford Performance spec. He said car start (yes) motor run (yes w/ ticking noise) he said hasn't failed & said DO NOT START CAR AGAIN UNTIL YOU HAVE WELDED THE CAMS. Would not run if it had he said. OK then I have had several projects & now it is the SHO turn to be worked on. I do not have the money to pay to have it fixed but I Know I can do it (weld them
that is).

First should I get My local Ford dealer involved? This would req. towing the car.

Second or keep calling Ford customer relations to see if they are going to help?

Third just do it on my own?

Bill & Jenny

PS Paint is Charcoal Gray Metallic loaded eats up 5.0s light to light & 5.7s
Also cracked alt. housing

Hello again,
I am sending you his e-mail to let you know what has taken place on my end with my cam shafts. First Ford got back with the attorney generals office and basically said no recalls at this time sorry about your luck. So I have just yesterday removed my valve covers to weld the bad cam. Which it acutely is 2 bad cams on the rear head toward the fire wall. Cam closet to fire wall has scaring on tube laterally about " (boy am I lucky it did not let go) cam closest to intake scaring is about - 3/8" . I also noticed on all 4 cams (I think this is worth telling) is that on my sprockets I can see about a 1/32" of teeth that are not penetrated into the shaft. This includes the front. I will take pictures and e-mail them to you. So it is official that my car has not 1 but 2 bad sprockets. Also for what it is worth the letter from unnamed, unofficial from ford is B.S. My car has only 42000 miles on it and I yes did hot rod but not every green light. Also if you are going to put A hi-po motor in a car no mater 2 dr or 4 dr. it should hold for quit a while. I have owed a mustang, Capri & 5.0 cougar and have driven them the same way with no major problems. If the car was to be strictly babied THEN don't put SHO badge on the car. Super High Output. Call it a SE.

p.s. Thanks For the web site it has been very help full. Also if you need more info about my car don't hesitate to e-mail me I would like to help any way I can.

Name not with held
William Ordean.


Ford is paying 1/2 for most people, any luck with that?


No. I Can't even get my area rep to call me.


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