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Window Motor Update

New 5/15/05

I'll chime in here. Just figured out this one myself not 2 weeks ago. Inside the window motor are a pair of armature brushes. The wire that goes to the brush is routed in such a way that it runs out of travel BEFORE the motor runs out of Brush. This holds the brush up off the armature causing a poor circuit. I pulled apart the motor from the gearbox to get at these brushes. A few tugs on the brush leads with a needle nose pliers to give more range of motion and back together with everything. Motor hasn't faltered once since. I think I answered that one - now here is one for you on my Red 97. Why can I run all the windows from the driver's door switches but the individual switches on the other doors themselves won't function. It is like the window lock switch is engaged, but it isn't. I've gone so far as to change the window lock switch but haven't pulled out the voltmeter yet. I'm going to sell this car and want to get rid of this little bug if I can.

 Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded
97 Toreador Red 130k Resurrected, Welded
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 85k Resurrected, Welded

On 5/11/05, Paul Nimz <pnimz@v8sho.com> wrote: >

Well after getting a couple of used window motors I go out to replace the offending one and it now works. Seems every time I have a window that quits working then all that is needed to be done is wiggle or unplug and plug back in the connector.

Oh well...

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