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Alignment Specifications

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice:

Updated June 7, 2008

June 7, 2008

I just had the outer tie rod ends replaced and an alignment done and now the car feels, for lack of a better description, "twitchy". A very slight side to side movement when the road isn't glass-smooth....like my car has downed a box and a half of No-Doze. There is also now a noticeable side to side movement of the steering wheel when braking at lower speeds. I'm taking it back in on Saturday morning to bitch at 'em. If the alignment specs are different between the SLO and SHO I wouldn't put it past them to apply the wrong ones.
The rotors are brand new and shouldn't be warped. Unless the techs at the shop used an impact wrench, anyway.

Scott H

Scott, Sounds like the toe is set nearly zero. This can cause some of that. I like just a touch of toe out, maybe 1/8"



The reason why FWD cars (or at least cars that have driven front wheels) start with toe in (wheels like this / \) is that on acceleration, the wheels move forward a slight bit and you end up with either less toe in or zero toe. With non driven front wheels, you start with toe out and on acceleration the wheels move backwards and you end up with less toe out or zero.
Paul L Fisher


Alignment Factors
Item  Nominal  Minimum  Maximum 
Caster (a)  +3.8 degrees  +2.8 degrees  +4.8 degrees 
Caster Difference Side-to-Side (left minus right)  0 degrees  -0.85 degrees  +0.85 degrees 
Camber  -0.5 degrees  -1.1 degrees  +0.1 degrees 
Camber Difference Side-to-Side (left minus right)  0 degrees  -0.70 degrees  +0.70 degrees 
Total Toe  -0.100 inch  -0.225 inch  +0.25 inch 
(left plus right)  -0.200 degrees  -0.450 degrees  +.05 degrees 
Clear Vision (b)  -0.6 degrees  -3.6 degrees  +2.4 degrees