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ALJO Testimonial...

Submitted by: Bob Fijal 


A while back I sent out a message about an embroidery shop that makes SHO related items. The name of the shop is ALJO Custom Embroidery. The reason I originally sent the message is because I ordered SHO related merchandise from these people and they have failed to deliver although they willingly cashed my check. It has been over 8 months since I placed and paid for my order and I still have not received my merchandise. I have sent 3 letters to the company requesting they fulfill their end of the contract or return my money. I also have placed numerous phone calls to this company and each time I was given an excuse as to why they were unable to fulfill the order...bigger order came in, machine broke, busy, etc. 

The reason I as sending this to the V8 SHO group is because this company is listed on the V8 SHO web site as one of the vendors. I don't want to see anyone else on the list get taken in by this company. I know some of you have ordered from them and received your order. Unfortunately I do not represent a club or group of people and do not have the leverage with these people. I made the mistake of informing them I was going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Yesterday I received a letter from the BBB of Toms River, NJ, informing me that ALJO is apparently not accepting their letters and are being returned to them by the post office. These people are very deceitful and dishonest and it is unfortunate that an employee of theirs is a V6 SHO owner who advertises their products on his web site, which is liked to other SHO web sites. I wonder how many other SHO folks have been ripped off by them. The amount of money is not a lot but the principal and ethics, or should I say lack there of, is. Sorry for being so long but I believe in honesty and integrity.

Bob Fijal

Those who would surrender fundamental liberties in exchange for a little security deserve neither.

Benjamin Franklin


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