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Changing the 96+ Battery

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice:

This is a simple procedure. The Battery is located on the drivers side under the hood behind the headlights. It is easy to get to.

The top type terminals are held in place by 8 mm bolts ( 5/16 works just fine). Behind the battery a single block wedge holds down the battery, also 8 mm. Remove the top terminals and pull them back from the battery posts. Remove the heat shield by pulling it straight up. Then remove the retaining wedge. And lift the battery straight up.

With both batteries out of the car place them together to verify that they have the posts in the same relative positions. The factory battery has the posts reversed ( R type) and if you accidentally replaced the battery with a non "R" type the polarity would be reversed and could damage the electronics.

Clean - neutralize - the heat tray and cables with a solution of baking soda and water. Replace the baking soda with a new box before your AWA finds out it is missing. A box of baking soda with nasty fingerprints is not an option for many AWA units.

Place the new battery in it's tray and find the wedge. The wedge has two different sides. The side with the step goes towards the battery and holds it in. Tighten the wedge bolt.

Next replace the heat shield over the battery, you cleaned it didn't you? Then replace the top terminals, remember to replace the positive terminal shield which protects against accidental shorts.

Now the pill, you car forgot your radio presets.  You also reset the memory of the engine chip.

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