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Bendix Titanium Metallic Brake Pads

Thanks to W. Craig Wall 


Finally did the brake job. Got the best of the original pads. No more than two millimeters left on the piston side. A little more on the caliper side.  Good thing there were no rivets on fronts. Backs have quite a bit more and are riveted. I ended up purchasing Bendix Titanium Metallic pads from Advance Auto Parts. Fronts were $46 and some change and the rears were $27 or so. Part numbers were MKD589 and D610, front and rear respectively.

I was skeptical and was really going to go for Carbotechs but stopped at the AutoZone on Saturday for oil for the truck and checked out their brakes. As Bob said they really have nothing. All places list both the 601s and the 598s for the SHO. Advance was on the way home and thought I would just see what they had. When Bendix came up they did not have them in stock. Said they could have them on Sunday and that they were awesome. Also said that if I was not satisfied I could return them. Unbelievable!

Put the pads on this evening and flushed the fluid with Valvoline synthetic DOT 3/4. Left the stock rotors as they looked really good and are not warped. Took the car out to bed the pads even though the literature said it was not necessary. The only thing I can say it that they are indeed awesome. If Carbotechs were any better I would be scared to drive the car. With minimal pedal pressure the fronts lock easily and the ABS kicks in. The car stops right now with ease. I did several back to back 60-0 panic stops in full ABS mode and there was zero fade.

Have not had a chance to try any high speed braking to verify whether they will fade or not. They are a whole bunch better than the stockers.

Anyone else out there tried these? If so, any comments? I will keep the list posted on performance and dusting issues. Maybe another alternative for brakes that are hard to find.

W. Craig Wall
96 MWM (Green)
52,000 miles
New Brakes!

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