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CD Changer Skipping

Thanks to Randy Smith:

Well, I found out what was wrong with MY CD changer anyhow, and I suspect it could help many others.  A friend who works for an unnamed company drops in my office today (we were talking about car stereo goods the other day) with a Ford factory CD changer.  I take it, look at it, push on the magazine, IT MOVES!  The thing is damped in ALL DIRECTIONS.  We go look at my car, no apparent damping.  So tonight I yanked my changer out and put in the new one.  Quick test drive, no skipping at all yet and it reads all discs without thinking twice.  I start inspecting the old one and it is damped in 3 directions.  I set it down and push on it, it slides around real nice.  I look at the label on the back:

some numbers

Anyone else have any questions about this?  So, the one I have here will likely work great, IF IT'S MOUNTED AS DIRECTED!!!!  Looking at the label on top of the changer, I think this one is a replacement.  There's a label on the top that has an order number and is dated 9/10/97.  My car went into service in May of 97.


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