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Coolant Drain

Thanks to Don Rimdzius (via Jim Heaton) for this 96+ coolant drain procedure:
For those who are contemplating changing the coolant on a gen 3 SHO, the radiator drain cock is completely inaccessible under the large plastic shroud behind the front bumper.  The Ford manual suggests removing the shroud (lots of screws and time) but a far easier way is to cut a 3 inch dia. hole in the shroud directly below the radiator drain cock which is located on the bottom corner of the radiator on the left side of the car.  I <carefully> drilled a small pilot hole and used RH tin snips to make it larger.



I'm just starting a rad flush right now. I'm draining the old coolant as we speak. I just want to clarify something... when it's time to refill the system I add coolant/water into the overfill (or degasser as Ford calls it)?

Ian Macoomb,


I filled it up, let it run, took it for a drive, checked it topped it up and have not touched it since last October..


Next question. Why isn't anything coming out? I've only got maybe half a gallon to come out. I've completely removed the petcock and I've removed the degasser cap. I've even removed one of the degasser hoses. Not much is coming out. I even tried running the engine for 20 seconds or so. What gives?



The lower radiator hose has a tee in it after the radiator. This tee connects to the degasser tank. This is the lowest part of the system and the easiest place to drain the system. You do not have to take the valance panel off.

The two small hoses at the degasser tank are a good vent point. One goes to the upper part of the radiator and the other comes from in between the heads from under the intake.

I have the orange coolant and have not had any problems. But would not keep it in more than two years. Any coolant should just be flushed every two years and be sure to use either deionized or distilled water to mix the antifreeze with.

Paul Nimz



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