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Dedication of This Site

"I've enjoyed the SHOtimes Mailing List information for while now and answered Mike Schwartz's request for authorship of the pages in June 1997. a  I'm grateful to Mike for the standard he has created and will attempt to keep his standard going for everyone's edification. a  I hope 96+, as well as, "classic" SHO owners enjoy and feel free to contribute to these pages.  Thanks for stopping by- Bill Moore AKA "BigDog."    -  Excerpt from the original 96+ SHOtimes FAQ, hosted by Bill Moore. 

In thanks for all the time and effort Bill put into creating the original 96+ FAQ, I would like to dedicate this new site to him.  If it had not been for Bill and several other pioneers, it is doubtful that this site would be as good as it is.  On behalf of all the Third Generation fans out there, I'd just like to say, "Thanks Bill."

Bill Moore (A.K.A. Big Dog) Concept Creator/administrator/Founding Father 6/97 to 7/99.  

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