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Door & Dome light problem 

Thanks to Sheriff Buford T. Justice 


Has anyone had their door open light stay on? I just bought a used 97 and this seems to happen intermittently. When this occurs, the dome lights stay on and I cannot lock the doors. Usually it goes off after a short time and all returns to normal. Also, when I bought the SHO the rear moon roof cover was loose and missing a clip. I ordered a new one and now it's fine. It has been removed by every new rear seat passenger. Thanks 

Gordon Gregg
1997 Toreador Red

Yep... This was covered some last year... One of the guy's (can't remember who right now) found that spraying WD40 into the door latch solved the problem.. The interior light is switched of the latch itself.. My '97 did the same thing... Coupla shots of WD did the trick...

'95 MTX

Yup, it was Al Prim, and the WD40 did solve his problem.

97 SF


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