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Expert Advise

Thanks to a good friend

First off plead not guilty. Have it set up for a court trial as far in advance as possible. If you're lucky this it won't go to trial until 1-2 months later. Next about 2 weeks before the trial call the prosecutor and ask that the fine be reduced to the minimum....if he says "No" then wait on it. Call him back the day before the trial and ask again. If he or she says "No" again then actually go to trial on it. Let the judge listen to the testimony of the officer. You don't have to ask any questions.....as you were probably going to pay it anyway....but maybe the officers due for a vacation and or its his/her day off. You might just get lucky but they are usually pretty tough to beat. Some jurisdictions don't want to go to trial on speeding tickets and will deal with them differently. My jurisdiction would go to trial on all speeding tickets...even if it meant calling me to court on my day off.

Couple of things to ask the prosecutor for if you decide to go to trial:

1) The officers training credentials on the radar/laser unit unit......and any re-certifications he/she has attended.

2) The history of the radar/laser unit to include the serial number, any recalibrations, repairs, etc....

These are things that I had on my radar/laser unit. I have a packet with everything in it....my training certificates, radar unit calibration info, etc. that I have available if the prosecutor needs them. Some officers don't have these things available. If you don't get these things then definitely go to court and let the testimony take place and then tell the judge that you didn't get any paperwork that you requested. Send this request to the prosecutor certified mail if need be.

If you get everything and its in order....just listen to the testimony and remain positive and polite. When the judge asks you if you have anything to say don't use any excuses.

This is just a guideline.....if you don't have the time to go to court then just pay it before the trial. Its up to you what you do and how you handle it. Best of luck.....

If you print this out I will deny everything!!!! :-)

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