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Fuel Filter

Thanks to Michael T. Ivy updated 09/21/2007


Additional information -

I de-pressurize the fuel system with a phillips screwdriver poked through a shop rag. Stand in front of the car, facing the engine, and find the Schrader valve on the left side of the engine, next to the intake runners (it looks like a tire stem valve). Remove the plastic cap and cover the stem with the rag and push the valve in with the tip of the screwdriver. This will cause fuel to shoot out at high pressure for about 1 or 2 seconds until the pressure bleeds off. Alternative is to use a fuel pressure gauge which usually has a hose and relief valve that you can use to direct the excess fuel into a coffee can. But that method is not nearly as macho or adventurous. Nothing says, "I'm a tough guy" like spraying your eyes with gasoline.

There is another great time to get gas in your eyes... when you remove the fuel lines from the filter, the remaining gas will want to drip out by gravity and splash off the floor (or driveway) and it will magically find your eyeballs.

FYI, women love it when you reak of gasoline, especially when you are in church, or at a fancy restaurant, or an important social gathering. They will pretend to be embarrassed or offended by the smell, but secretly all they can think about is wanting to get you in bed ASAP.

Dan the Man Carman

To change the fuel filter (which is not in the tank at all)

1. Jack and support the passenger side of the car

2. Locate the fuel filter near the rear of the car just inside the pinch weld area for jacking

3. Pull the fuel pump fuse

4. Turn the car over and let it stumble until it dies (this will de-pressurize the fuel system)

5. Place a bucket under the fuel filter to catch any gas that may leak out

6. Remove the slide lock hose clamps from either end by lifting straight up on the triangular tab with a flat screw driver

7. Remove the one retaining bolt that clamps the filter in place

8. Remove the hoses from either end of the filter

9. Remove the filter from the clamp

10. Replace new filter in clamp making sure that the flow arrow printed on it points to the front of the car

11. Replace retaining bolt and clamp tight

12. Replace hoses, and clamps

13. Replace fuel pump fuse

14. Start the car and check for leaks

15. You can figure out the rest.....

Hope this helps.

Mike T Ivy


I suspect that is the correct way to do it. Except for eye protection and a static ground strap. <G> I watched them change it at FPS and they just remove the clamps, replace the filter and replace and tighten the clamps. The whole job takes 90 seconds if the car is on a lift.  - Don't smoke, or do this on a mound of fire ants. This is a lot easier than I thought. 





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