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High or Surging Idle Problem

The symptoms:
A few months ago I posted a message about an idle problem I was having.  I got several very good responses pointing me toward the TPS (throttle position sensor).  When I brought the car to the dealer to have the problem resolved under warranty, sure enough they replaced the TPS.  Well here I am several weeks later and the problem seems to be creeping back (it's been fine up until a few days ago).  Over the past few days the SHO intermittently idles high when I come to a stop (900 rpm).  If I shift the car into neutral, the idle will jump to 1200 rpm.  If I shift it into reverse, the idle goes back to normal (600 rpm).

Comments about possible remedies:
~ I just got my car back from the dealer last Wednesday for this same exact problem. Car seems to drive fine until you come to a stop sign or light.  Once stopped it doesn't idle normal instead it revs up and down. Then when you throw it into park the engine Revs abnormally high.  Is this the problem you are having? Mine actually would rev beyond 3000 RPMS and still keep going so I was forced to shut the car off. Originally the dealer didn't know what was wrong and sent me on my way because they insisted it was normal.  It took maybe 1 month of driving this way which was real annoying before the engine light came on.  Has your light been on?  They then diagnosed it was the
throttle body.  So it took them a week to order the part.  Only takes a day to install and the car has been fine ever since. Drives like new again :)  Oh, and on a previous visit I did have my TPS replaced as well. So it could be a combination of both parts.

~ My car has been in the shop since last week for this problem.  The dealer is replacing more than TPS; this did not fix the car in January when they replaced it, after 10,000 miles it was it has come back.  Well the dealer is replacing the TPS and the wiring to it. Ford has stated that if this does not fix it, then they have to replace all the wiring to the TPS (a major project).  I will post what they did.  I think everyone needs to stay on Ford to get this problem fixed.

~ Mine comes and goes.  Right on cue, it returned today before I make a trip down to Rockford Illinois.  The car felt funny most of the day, and this afternoon I noticed when I came to a stop in gear that the idle was a touch higher than normal and varying 2-300.  I put the car in park and it jumps to 1200 or so.  It used to be more extreme, but I took it in
and they reprogrammed the PCM.  That fixed it for the most part, but it has returned three times in the past month.  It has never rendered the car immobile, but it's still a little upsetting.  I was going to take it in and mention the TPS (throttle pos sens) but haven't had time to take it in yet.  Just wanted to let  you know you aren't the only one lucky enough to have a punchy idle.

~ I've also found that if you unplug and then re-plug the connector that attaches to the TPS, the Idle problem will go away for a while (few weeks).  I'm starting to think that the connector may be the problem, and over time somehow the TPS goes bad.

The Fix according to Ford

Well, finally on the third trip to the dealer in 9 months for the surging/high idle problem, the dealer told me "Ford has a fix for it now." The problem; I started noticing it at red lights or stop signs. In gear, with my foot on the brake, the idle would surge from 600-900, maybe a 2 second cycle. Put the car in neutral at this time and the idle would climb to 1200 usually, sometimes 1500. Felt like a neutral slam when I had to go back into drive. Not good. On the highway the problem was equally or more annoying. When I lifted off the gas to slow for traffic ahead, the car didn't slow at all. So with the tach at 2200 or so at whatever speed I was rolling, I'd slip it into neutral only to see the tach climb to between 3000 and 4000. Quite annoying. Usually killing the engine and restarting would cure the problem temporarily. The next "trick" that seemed to help was unplugging the TPS with the engine running (the engine will die.) This is the connector/sensor on top of the MAF Meter (top right corner of the picture.) Well, when I brought the car in this time, I drove it right in the garage and left it running, idling happily at 1200 with nobody in the car or near the throttle. The mechanic punches some things in his computer and says "Ford has a fix for this now." He went on to tell me it was the TP Connector, just below and in front of the TPS in the picture. He said there was an updated connector. After going to the parts counter, he came back and said he had one in stock. He looks at the clock and I comment "If you could slip it in now that would be FANTASTIC!" He says sure, just have one of these guys write it up. So, about an hour later I was on the road again! That was only yesterday, but in all the driving I've done since then (about 100 miles) the problem hasn't come back. All week it was coming back every morning, so this is already an improvement! I've also attached a copy of the service report, so if you have trouble at the dealer getting the problem fixed, it may help or they can call the dealer I brought it to and reference my repair.




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