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Headlight Switch Removal

Thanks to Glen Murdock


Some of you may wonder what the proper, Ford approved, procedure is for removing the headlight switch.

The procedure in the 96 and 97 service manuals is NOT correct. Basically, pry it out of the dash. If you follow that procedure, you'll break your dash or your switch. As some of us know!

Here it is:


1. Disconnect battery ground cable.

2. Turn headlamp switch knob to the headlamp ON position and pull the knob out.

3. Insert a thin tool into the slot at the base of the knob to release it and pull the headlamp switch knob off.

4. Position the knob with the back end toward the headlamp ON position and install. (Rotate 180 degrees)

5. Turn the knob counterclockwise until the back of the knob is in the OFF position.

6. Turn the headlamp switch knob clockwise fully, remove the headlamp switch (11654) from the instrument panel and disconnect the electrical connectors.


1. Follow removal procedure in reverse order when installing the original switch.

Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca, Tx

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