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A Problem with the Interior Lamps

updated 11/12/02

Submitted For your gratification by Al Primm; Mentally Meandering and Motoring in Mass:

Some time back I posted on the BIG list a problem I had with my 97.  On occasion, the inside lamps would not extinguish after shutting the doors.  Map lamps, all courtesy lamps.. Door Open light on..    The lights would stay on for about 30 minutes, at which time the anti-Battery drain switch timed out.  This wasn't really a problem when it happened during the day. Did I mention that the headlights didn't have to be on for this to occur?  And autolamp on or off. same.   At night is was a distinct distraction as well as a damned nuisance.

I tried opening and shutting all the doors, opening and SLAMing the doors, opening and shutting the trunk.... and nothing seemed to work.  Took it to a dealer, but the problem didn't cooperate and wouldn't display itself.

Well here is what I found.

1) The light switch is in the latch mechanism.   No pin switch in the door jamb, if you have bothered to look, and no reason why you would really.

2) The problem occurred when it was cold usually.  First noticed in Green Bay, WI, and again here in Mass.  So.... I grabbed my can of WD-40 and washed out the latch mechanisms on all four doors.  The doors now lock and latch much smoother.  And, the problem hasn't reappeared since February.  I think that is a solution if you experience
this problem.

In reply to Al Primm on the problem with the interior lights:

AL, I found the problem to be that the door open sensor in actually in the door latch itself. A $3 dollar bottle of spray electrical cleaner from Autozone sprayed into all 4 door latches did the trick! The cleaner smells very strong, beware!

I know this has happened to others so please post this for further information.

Seth McCall
98 Ultra White

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