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MAF Transfer Function

Thanks to Jim Heaton

Thanks to Dave F's great work, we have the MAF transfer function data for one version of the Gen III chip.

ChartObject Air Flow

Notice that the data has a small discontinuity and change in shape above or below 30000 on a 0-65535 scale (i.e. 16 bits of resolution).

My theory is that above are the actual values and how they map to air flow in a stock car as built. I believe that the smooth, evenly spaced curve above 30K represents the theoretical reading vs theoretical air flow.

If I am right, there are calibrations for a LOT more air to come in than the max that gets in stock. A LOT. Like a blower lot. Like a turbo lot. Like shove a bunch of air thru the MAF and it has a rough idea how much is there so the PCM can meter enough fuel to go with it. There is a discontinuity - the measuring could be spot on with someone who
tunes chips, a dyno and the software tools, but the chip has lots of space reserved for someone to dial in the exact settings and a good starting curve.  Even with no programming changes it looks to me like if you shoved a whole bunch of air past the MAF the car just might have an idea what to do with it.

At least that's what it LOOKS like to me.


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