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The SHO Doesn't Start

Thanks to James Jensen:, updated 12/01/02, 12/4/02

Well, the no-start problem on my SHO is finally solved, hopefully, the Ford tech. who had replaced the trans. position sensor on it's earlier trip to the shop came out to my house, with a helper, while I was at work, jacked the car up, and according to the AWA, found a "wire shorting, and something about the starter, and a ground....", so I assume it is some wire going to the starter that was causing the problem.  She said that he told her he tightened/fixed it temporarily, and that he was ordering a wiring harness, and would call us when it came in, and he would install it.  It has started every time since then, so hopefully, he found the problem this time.  On the 2 previous occasions when I had it towed from my house to the Ford garage, it would start just fine after they got it there.....

This is an OLD issue, some long-timers *might* remember my MULTIPLE no-start (no crank, no clicking, just lights on the dash, radio & acc. worked) failures of my '97 a couple of years ago..... I just ran into the mechanic recently, he had left that dealership before I could ask him EXACTLY how he fixed it (it has never happened again, in over 64k miles (I am at 101k now). He let me know that it was the engine ground strap.... TIM: could you please amend the FAQ and add that this was the fix??? here is the FAQ: http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/nostart.html

Thanks, James Jensen '97 ES, 101k miles (no cam fix, yet...)

I had this problem with BOTH my 96 and my 99.  I totaled the 96 before I found out, but on the 99, it was diagnosed as a corroded cable from the battery to the starter.  Might have been a corroded grounding cable.  Anyhow, it's a pain in the ass to get to, under the engine.  Good luck with it.  

Frank in OKC
99 TG

Is that the same strap that's attached to the intake when you take it off to get to the back bank of plugs?  The one someone mentioned moving if you ever take it apart?  Just curious, since I had the same problem starting my car this afternoon after I went to see Nemesis.


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