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Rotor and Pad Choices

Thanks to a plethora of people:

From Al Primm:
The pads for the 94/95 SHO are smaller than on the 96-99 SHO, but they physically fit the calipers.  I obtained my rotors by asking for the 95/96 MARK VIII Rotors.  Pads are the same way.  Performance Metallic doesn't sell a REAL 96+ pad.  They sell the 94/95 pads and figure the improved stopping power over shadows the lesser swept area.  Your choice.. If you have the bigger brakes, then WHY accept less pad?  CARBO Tech offers real 96+ sizes.  Ford has the correct size and the Ford 96+ pads are superior to the stock 94/95 pads because of a newer/different compound.

Personally.. I would prefer the CARBO TECH Super Street F pads if you aren't gonna do anything more than Autocross.  They are adequate, and cleaner. Panther pads are better, but dirtier, and not as tolerant of cold temps.
(To be added to, no doubt)


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