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Aftermarket Spoilers

The 3rd gen spoiler is actually functional (Try pushing down on - it is actually sturdy enough to transmit force to the car, unlike many "decoration" spoilers), but is a source of a lot of strong opinions.  It seems you either like it or you donít.  There's an article out there about how the "Skateboard" spoiler on the Gen III was designed to be functional whereas many spoilers are purely decorative.  As soon as I find that article, I'll post it here.  For you who has asked me about after market spoilers here is a source.
The manufacturer is JSP America Inc., 255 Cooper Avenue, Suite 100, Tonawanda, NY 14150-6641.  Tel: 716.871.0262/3 Fax: 716.871.0239.  "For distributor near you": 1-800-821-0110.

Part #:  95104
Model #:  UT-36
No LED Brake light available.
Dimensions:  56" Length, 5.75" Width, 47" Mounting pads.
Primer finish.
There are now several companies making aftermarket spoilers for the Taurus platform.  The one listed above is very similar to the spoiler found on the late model Taurus SE.  Some companies are even making the SHO spoiler.  What comes around, goes around I guess.

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