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Full Moon?

By: Tom Boyle 

The past several weeks have been very uneventful commuting. Then last night all hell broke loose!

Cruising on IS80 at an altitude (or attitude) of 75 mph I came up on a Mustang and Eclipse GTS Spyder playing around. The GTS was abusing the mustang, which was a GT ragtop.

I came up, passed and pulled away with authority to about 85. Caught up with some traffic, as my two new playmates caught up with me. IS 80 is four lanes west bound at this point, and we now have three of the lanes across, with the SHO in the center. Creeping at 30 mph the Spyder rolls down the window and asks where I bought the "V8" signage and how much. I told him any local ford dealer for $15K and up! He had no sense of humor. Once traffic broke, so did I.

Later on SR23, I am leaving a light, and I am accustomed to do I leave on the aggressive side (no wheel spin, but just so the secondaries turn on, love that sound (; ) I'm in the left lane (three lanes wide) when I notice a Honda Prelude, stealth riced (blacked out windows, chrome wide tires and lowered I think) is trying hard to impress. I can see the driver mashing gears and revving hard. We stay even to the next light, arriving at the same time. He gives me that look, so we go. No match. I am at 55 and two car lengths ahead when I let off.

Next Light, he pulls in the center lane. (Windows down) He tells me he didn't know I was going to go, and he didn't get on. Let's go again. At 65 I have several car lengths, and slow down for the next light. He catches up, and asks if I'm running NOS. No, I politely say, just a steady diet of rice. He takes the next exit. Another one with no humor. 

Further up the road I come across two GTP (on SC, the other not). This is my favorite part of the trip home cause it gets twisty. I fall in line behind my new found friends. We are at a comfortable 40-50 MPH pace. Very light traffic with the holidays (Spring Break, Passover...) so I take the out side lane on a left the right combo, and pass with authority at 60.Dumb looks prevail from the GTP's. At the next light the guys signal to pull over to a rest area, and I do.

I then listen to the same story, "I never seen a Taurus do that!" What mods? Where did you have the work done, yadda yadda yadda. I then break their collective hearts to tell them it's bone stock. Neither have ever heard of the SHO. (great marketing FORD!) They are most impressed, and left with smiles of envy.


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