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No Crank - AKA As No Start


I have gmail so I have been doing some v8sho list backlog reading in my 10 minutes of spare time before I need to wake up my daughter, eat dinner with my family and see my wife off to work.

coming out of work there's "no nothing" when I go to start my SHO. there haven't been any red flags leading up to this and this is my first time with a SHO = no start condition. most of the posts similar to this discuss cranking but no turning over. mine has no crank, not even clicking. due to time constraints all I had a chance to do was look for corrosion on the battery terminals. none there. lights and windows full power so it would appear the battery is not the issue

so my question is, best guesses for first thing to look for ?

I could try simply disconnecting the terminals and reconnecting and see if that works for me. I am hoping its the CPS b/c that seems to be the cheapest quickest fix, but who's betting on it being the starter ? anyway just fishing for help, it could be that I will find my answers tomorrow on my lunch break , but posting a thread "MAYDAY!" seemed like a smart move

if it is indeed the approx $25 CPS, how hard is it to change out> easy as pie ? plug n play ? take off passenger wheel and its right there?

TIA everyone

~ Chris

My guess would be the Neutral Safety Switch AKA TRS. But you can try to jump the starter at the relay in the fuse box. If the starter turns over then the problem is either the relay itself of the wiring upstream. If the starter does not turn over it is a problem at the starter. 

The small wire may have fallen off. I finally soldered mine to the starter solenoid terminal.

wpe3.jpg (43226 bytes)

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"No-start" on mine has always been related to the Crank Position Sensor, or at the very least the connector. Ended up replacing the connector with a Ford OEM pigtail, but be forewarned, though the replacement is not marked for polarity, it is. I would suggest twisting the wires together first and checking to make sure it states before using the supplied gel-filled crimp-on connectors and heat shrink. Saves a lot of aggravation later.

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