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Push Pins

New 02/17/2005

I had a little accident and had to have my door fixed, well when it was fixed the guy who did it didn't put the speakers back in so I had to take the door off today and put the 6x8 and the tweeter back in. Anyways long story short the clips broke and I need to get new ones. they are the little black and white double sided clips. Anyone know where I can get some?
Angelo Marino

I assume you want the pushpins, that's what Ford calls them, that attach the door panel to the door. The part number is N808994-S. Last ones I saw were light blue. IIRC, they come in a pack of ten. They cost about 0.50 each.

Glen Murdock

I had a successful lunchtime stroll through AutoZone. I found the HELP! replacement part for our cowl retainers (the black plastic "screw" things that hold the cowl covers on.) HELP! part number 41099 is a package of 6 screws and 6 retainer clips for the screws. They have a phillips head instead of the factory slotted head, and they are actual plastic screws unlike the OEM part, but they work fine and look good. $2.99 for the package, but you'll need two packages if you want to replace ALL of them (I think there are a total of 8 on our cars).

I also found a package of 15 door panel retainers (those plastic clips that hold the interior door panels to the door frame). It is Dorman part number 963-010, available near the nuts & bolts and other packaged hardware. On both sides of my car, the top retainer near the manual door lock knob was not replaceable, since the flange that it mounts to has been broken off. However, replacing the top center retainer and two of the retainers on the door latch side of the panel restored that factory feel. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I hated the way the door felt all cheap and flimsy before. I only used 6 of the clips. I figured the ones on the bottom edge of the door don't really do much, so why bother? This means I have 9 left that I can use if I need to remove my door panels again. The whole package of 15 was $2.79.

Dan Carman

I am using a metal one. DORMAN 701-109 Also about 6 in a pack. A word of caution if you use this. Since it is metal it will rust and do not over tighten it. You will strip down the plastic thingy inside the cowl. Mine took about a year and when I did my coils last week there's a touch of rust on the outside so I just replaced it with a new one.

Rene Carlos Cruz

see also for the cowl pins ford number

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