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SHO Gatherings    

new 5/30/2004, updated 09/05/2004 etc



There was an impromptu gathering at Eric's house Saturday. Greg Jones, his son Spencer, Robret and Mike Welsh were slated to attend. After performing my weekly chores for my Mom in Schaumburg I shot down to the Lombard Judge's chambers. What I stumbled upon was Eric in the final stages of chopping up yet another SHO. He's still in the season a gathering, I guess. Got Parts?




                              ^Scalpel Please!    ^Proper Ant Removal

Greg and his son arrived with a 7,600 mile engine from a wrecked 99. Just proves you can weld anywhere, anytime. I had to split before Robret and Mile arrived. I'm sure they went home with their parts list full of check marks. As always lots of yucks and some good beer.


To all who attended this months gathering! We had a wonderful time. Pictures are on the way.

Robert aka SHOkid 1997 TR cam fail #932
Updated 05/22/2010

IMG_5995.jpg 2009 Christmas SHO gathering image by GenIIIV8SHO  
IMG_5996.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_5997.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_5998.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_5999.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6001.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6002.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6003.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6004.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6012.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6021.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6026.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6027.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO
IMG_6030.jpg image by GenIIIV8SHO

oops Don, what's that??
 Wow, uncle Lar doesn't look That short.

Think I can name most of the people, but just to be sure......

k mier



Thanks for the invite. Had a blast!

I got a few pix too.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
97 Ebony 190k Resurrected, Welded
97 Toreador Red 74k Resurrected, Welded, Now with JBL sound inside!
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 125k Resurrected, Welded, Eaton M90 inside
96 Rosemist 74k 2006 Best Of SHO, Popular Vote, 2007 Best Gen 3, Welded
96 Charcoal Grey 142k - Resurrected, Welded
We had a great time out here yesterday, thanks to everyone who made it out!

Highlights of the event were some great photoshoots, Marla turning down the offer to drive Barney, and the Pizza table made of a set of 99 wheels and tires. Plus as always it was great to see everyone who was able to make it, and "Silent Thunder", "Barney", "Painted Wheels", and a few others cars that don't have names :-)

Can't wait for next time!
97 ES



Jon invited the SHO enthusiasts from the Forum who live close to come on down to NC. And so we did. After washing and waxing and a 3.5hr drive from VA Beach it was well worth it to meet new people and check out everyone's "Science-Fair projects" they so proudly call SHO. It was a great time and Jon was a wonderful host, and the weather held out with NO RAIN!!

Even though the majority of the group owns gen 1 & 2's, Mick and I had to shake things up with our Gen 3 & 4. Then Terry showed up to help us "represent". I do own all three generations but I'm partial to my SHO MOMA. I also included pictures of Mick's SC that he had hoped to have ready to take down. Due to some minor set backs the SC will have to make an appearance at the next meet.

Much like a parent or grandparent whips out the photo album, I share with you some pictures of the gathering. ;)



SHO Moma

Ed Note: SHO Moma did not equip me with the names for the individuals in the group shots, but hell, you

know who you are. Darn fine turnout with all 4 Gen's repping nicely. I have fond memories of VA Beach,

Just can't recall all of them!! Ya know I just love shots with all the hoods open. Just gives me a warm and fuzzy!


I had an appointment this past Sunday for Eric to work on my car. But I packed Thursday, and napped Friday afternoon, Wide awake Friday night I thought why not do a night drive, with only one driver and 490 miles why not leave early.?

First gas stop was past the IN state line at 300+ miles.

The Marriott did have an empty room one day early, they told me Christopher was NOT allowed in the lobby, but since it was 3 AM check in they would love to meet him. So Christopher mugged the two female night clerks and we were off to a good start.

I woke up 9-ish and rushed over to Eric's to find out that he had a Saturday cancellation. After intros I left Eric my 97 white with a leather interior and left with his 99 Silver with a cloth interior. Christopher and I went back to the Marriott to catch up on our beauty rest. The motel maids wanted to clean the room, so that time I kept Christopher by my desk on leash and all went well.

That afternoon Eric told me I was expected 6:00 for dinner BBQ. Before dinner we found the local Petsmart 1.8 miles from the Marriot and nothing that they did not also sell in Pittsburgh. Christopher did however make a few new friends at Petsmart.

The 4 of us had a wonderful dinner together, Christopher, myself, Eric and his wife Chris. Chris gave Christopher a wonderful "stuffed pig" squeak toy which he still has and enjoys. Christopher also helped with a few "lost links" which he greatly enjoyed.

By staying completely out of Eric's way on Saturday, he was able to:

* Change spark plugs,

* Replace rear COP,

* Clean intake and EGR (ERG was throwing codes.) Intake was very filthy even with exclusive use of 5w-30 Mobil 1.

* Replace cabin air filter.

Sunday morning I got 2 big ham-feta cheese - mushroom omelets to-go and took them back to the hotel to share with Christopher. This time the maid was no longer afraid of Christopher. She was making the bed and Christopher got away, jumped on the bed in a flash and stole a sloppy kiss. I was concerned, but she fell to Christopher's charms and took it all rather well. Latter I learned that she told all the staff that she got her first "on the job kiss".

Larry was over at Eric's Sunday AM detailing his car. Daniel Holtman showed up just to supervise Eric! (Naww J/K) Always a pleasure to see Daniel  It was wonderful to get together, we had a group photo and I left to get out of Eric's way.

Sunday to-do List:

* Eric Changed the oil and oil filter, sampled the change,

The Vadim UDP has always leaked, not much require supplemental oil, but enough to make a mess under the hood. The external surface of the UDP was too rough to seal. Eric hand polished the UDP to a mirror finish without changing the OD. Then replaced the seal. PERFECT!

Worth mentioning is that the UDP was installed by Anderson Ford in Clinton Il. The crank bolt was badly necked and stretched. Anderson takes some pride for being a "performance dealership" You would think that a dealership that does so much self promotion about being performance experts would own and use a torque wrench?
see: Crank Pulley Bolt

This is the same dealership that fixed my ATX under warranty and put in the sup frame crooked and took a month to do a bad job fixing my ATX. Doug Lewis repaired their ATX repair. Point is this is a dealership service department that screws up everything they touch. I would not let work on a wheelbarrow.

* Eric also took the shim out of the AC compressor and cleaned the in-fender foam air filter. A Ford dealership in McKeesport wanted $3,000 to drop the sub frame and replace the compressor. Better a trip to Chicago than let another Ford dealership fubar my car again.

* Many thanks to Larry for supplying a new crank snout bolt. (Not like I don't have a few dead motors laying around sir)

Eric expected to finish up by 5 PM but he was done closer to 3 PM, I asked the Marriot if I could check out late and leave a day early, that is when I learned about the maid told everyone about her first on the job kiss. Marriot extended stay was VERY nice, exactly 1 mile of 4 lane from Eric's house I highly recommend them.

I Left Eric's about 4 PM, with regrets, Eric wanted me to drive the blown SHO and as much as I really wanted to I knew I had a 10 hour drive ahead of me. Can't beat Eric & Chris' hospitality with a stick.

Chicago Sunday traffic is about the same as rush hour anywhere else. It was hot and slow moving. But with every toll booth traffic lessened and soon we were taking the polar route across N Ohio.

MPG was 20% better on the return trip. We got home a little after midnight. Christopher got to poop in his own back yard, which is good because even though we stopped every 150 miles for a walk in the weeds, Christopher had been holding it across 4 states. Nothing quite as satisfying as pooping in your own back yard.

One might think it is a problem owing a car that requires driving 500 miles to find a good mechanic, but Christopher and I had a wonderful time and got a lot of problems off of the to-do list.

Eric, I made the right choice leaving when I did, the last hour of driving was a SOB, I was beat. Christopher and I are still recovering from last nights drive today. It would not have been safe to stay any longer.

In addition to all the scheduled repairs, special thanks to Eric for fixing all the small things, like missing bolts and loose parts, left by much lesser men.

Thanks to all, especially Eric and Chris for such a wonderful trip.


                                                In front, Christopher, in the rear from left to right, Daniel,

                                                Eric, Uncle Lar, in front Buford (aka TimWright)


And my thanks to the Sheriff for the special gift he bestowed upon me. It's in the vault right now. Only a select few will get that.


I took a trip to Indy last Saturday and met up with Jon Gore and Andy Clark. We did some suspension work to mine and Jon's cars.

Daniel J. Holtman


That's the SU, Tropical Green.

Sorry, my camera doesn't do well at distance in the dark. I've lightened it a little on photoshop, but it just gets grainy. Guess a parking lot at 1 in the morning isn't the best photo op.

It was good to meet you Daniel. Next time we'll have to get together without all the work involved. And make Jon stay away from the hot wings and Blue Moon while we're working in a confined space

Andy Clark
Indianapolis, IN
'99 SHO - Tropical Green (welded by Eric, 5/07@119k)
'97 SHO - Ebony Satin (Resurrected CF# 815, welded)
No MG cars there. 99 green (don't know color code), 97 SF, and 98 TR.
Daniel Holtman

It was good to meet you Daniel. Next time we'll have to get together without all the work involved. And make Jon stay away from the hot wings and Blue Moon while we're working in a confinded space!
Andy Clark
Indianapolis, IN

FYI, here's what my car looked like before the springs - note the Grand Canyon-esque wheel well gaps.
Daniel Holtman



Since I am visiting my sister in Idaho Falls, I decided to connect
with Lucien Frederick (about 30 miles away in Blackfoot). We spent an
hour together at his place, looking at a current project, and talking
SHOs in general.

Good to put a face with a name.

Brad Bender
List Moderator


All Ford Show Peoria 2007
Got up early and took Don Mallinson up on his invitation to visit a
car show by him. Left about 6:30 am and got to the ranch about 9 ish.
Don was cleaning up his 91 Mocha/Mocha Plus, a ~50k beauty in the
We rolled out and got to the Uftring Automall for the All Ford Show
around 10 am, just waiting in line for registration one could tell
this was going to be one great show. In the entry lineup pic you see
Don's Plus, then a early 70's Mach 1, a Gen 2 Lightning, a 66 Cobra, a
mid 50's Ford streetrod, and ANOTHER 66 Cobra kit car. This was going
to be one of the most diverse Ford only shows I'd been to in a LOOOONG
Got parked next to Don and threw open the hoods and took a shot of our
cars all prettied up.
Then Ken Mallinson SHO'd up with his little daughter - what a doll !
Shot between cars SHO's Ken's car right across from Don & me. We
camped out in between our cars and chatted for quite a spell during
judging - what a perfect day weather wise too, could not ask for

Wandered around for a while, sometimes together, sometimes alone -
made a bunch of new friends, what a great crowd - EVERYONE was a good
egg. One fellow was totally in step with my mindset with a tricked out
Ranger. 560 ci Big Block, and the rear end was quite literally - Tire,
Pumpkin (rear axle differential for non gearheads) , Tire - No more,
no less.

Saw every iteration of the Mustang that was ever thought of, there
were well over 200 cars here. One stuck out a bit, however, a brand
new Saleen with a WICKED Mystic paint job. Saw a Foose mustang too.
Too many to post them all. There was a PERFECT restored REAL 427 Cobra
and another real 289 Cobra in attendance too.

All in all a most great day and a great little SHO get together. Thank
You Don for the invitation, just wish I could have stayed for dinner
too. Good to see Ken and the little one again too, such wonderful

Damn. I don't want tomorrow to be Monday...

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 103k Resurrected, Welded, Eaton M90 inside
96 Rosemist 72k 2006 Best Of SHO, Popular Vote, 2007 Best Gen 3, Welded
96 Medium Graphite 120k - Resurrected, Welded
97 Pacific Green - Parting this one Out


Barney at Ranch    Behind Shoclub    Barney and Mocha    Trunks??


Ken, Eric, Don          Tubbed???            Mystic Saleen?


Carlisle Gathering

Here are some of the pictures I got from Carlisle.


If it asks for a guest password type in illshou

'99 TR

Thanks....more great pics. What a place!

I hope like hell we can pull off seeing it again next year.

Kris Angermeier
Sheboygan, WI

'91 White Plus (crushed 2/01/06)
'91 White Plus
'93 Ultra Red ATX

"Women Who Behave Never Make History"

http://www.cardomain.com/ride/777614  SHO Photos

non SHO pics from Carlisle now uploaded for viewing pleasure


folder "All others at Carlisle 2007"

That picture of Bob (#251) is classic. Almost looks like he got
confused and drank from the wrong can or something.

Dan Carman
Philadelphia, PA



Dear Larry,

I have failed in my mission. But I had fun this weekend anyway !

I was up for the challenge of bringing more faces into the fold, however the best laid plans.....somewhere between drinking and gail force gusts and talking cars and eating and driving over to Micks immaculate garage to see that the white powdercoated runners really wouldn't look as good as the black ones ( I had to admit that my wife and Micks wife were right on that one- damn !! ), I never did get many very good face shots

I got some shots but the pic of Mick was supposed to be a trilogy, with Andi up closer in front of her two tone SHO and me up close in front of mine....instead these will have to do unless Andi comes up with some from her pics.... in the meantime be sure to look at Bill's mug and his second place trophy over and over and over :)

Andi's been waiting to get hers back since Christmas. long story...she bought cam failure #773 which is now part of her pride and joy. I hear her goal is to repaint in a secret color in the coming weeks, stay tuned. also to get around town for a bit she bought "baby SHO" the beater that will eventually become her daughter's.

Mick is the "M" from "J & M Motorsports", his was the only one SHOw worthy on this day

he is also the official chalk spray gun technician as seen here.

now how about some Mac party pics eh?

sending another batch shortly



Sunday my wife and 2 kids and I drive to Va Beach to meet up with Andi SHOMamma and her husband and 2 kids plus Mick Murphy and his wife. don't know how many SHOs we can get in one picture but between the 3 SHO owners we'll have 7 SHOs (somehow I only own 1 at this point despite my obsession but 3 apiece for them). so Andi, between you and I lets get some shots eh?

for now I leave you with part of my excitement , see attached. my SHO will be there all week, can't wait







Sunday my wife and 2 kids and I drive to Va Beach to meet up with Andi SHOMamma and her husband and 2 kids plus Mick Murphy and his wife. Don't know how many SHOs we can get in one picture but between the 3 SHO owners we'll have 7 SHOs (somehow I only own 1 at this point despite my obsession but 3 apiece for them). so Andi, between you and I lets get some shots eh?

for now I leave you with part of my excitement , see attached. my SHO will be there all week, can't wait



It started, as they usually do, with exchanges of emails that were full of if the Sun and Moon align themselves just so... from my good friend Rex. Suddenly it wasn't a maybe if come, it was like dudes I have this window of opportunity as I'll be in TN. Well that was all it took. Schedules were re-arranged and the "game was afoot!"

Knowing that we would be able to spend more than 2 hours with our close friend Rex Mauney from Ft Worth TX getting his cams welded and his SF attended to was all I and Eric Lehmann needed.

Saturday for me was a full day. Up with the dawn patrol to take Tyler and I south to Highland Park, IL for some guitar work on his strat and haircuts for both of us. Back up north to home. Then, off to the In-laws farm where Tyler rules supreme.

I threw some clothes in the duffel and Heather was to follow. What is normally a 90 minute drive turned into 65 minute sprint from my home in Pell Lake, WI to Lombard, IL to hook up with the Cam Weld from Virginia, Bob Miller and Rex. ( yup we saw a lot of trips on that leg)

I got there just as Eric was finishing up the installation of a factory CD changer for Bob Miller that Eric donated from the parted out 97PG that is gathering dust in the driveway.

We exchanged pleasantries and I suddenly realized that we had a collection of the rarest of colors all gathered together. I suggested this is a rare photo opportunity, so we all agreed to go up the road for the pictures you will see. We had 2 SF, 2MG, 1Gold winning Barney - how you going to pass that up??

After the SHO photo shoot, Bob Miller had to head back east to Virginia. After arming him with more directions than he probably needed he was on his way home with freshly welded cams, new cd changer, shift button that worked and various other items that had been attended to on that Saturday.

Heather finally sho'd up in her 02 SEL and we prepp'd for dinner. (read had cocktails)
After a marvelous meal at the Brazilian Steak house, we tucked in Heather and headed back to Eric's for a nightcap and general car chit chat that Kirs, Eric's gracious wife, allowed.

Sunday morning came rather quickly, and after checking to make sure Heather still had a pulse, it was off to the Midget garage to get dirty making sure our bud had the cleanest intakes in modern history.

When I arrived, Eric had the upper and lower intake apart waiting for me, and was just beginning to weld the cams. Caution!!! Don't look at the pretty blue light.

I set about the task of giving our friend the cleanest upper and lower intake cleaning I could, Eric and I stopped to greet his wife Kris good morning. The stench of Berryman's still hanging in the air. Kris grabbed the keys to Eric's tricked truck and took off to the grocery store. I had my marching orders that if Rex came out of his comma, to call her and she would pick him up.

Well alas, she returned and still no call from the Rex coffin.

As I was finishing the LIM, my cell chirped and lo and behold there was Rex. I volunteered to go get him. Damn, been a long time since I lived down there. Took me 45 minutes to realize where 22nd street was.

I snatched Rex from his hotel and whisked him back to the midget garage. (What sucked is that I lived there for 6 years and he had to tell me how to get to his hotel - crap stuff changes!)

At the end of the day, which I missed, (see Eric cam weld experience) Rex had a newly welded engine, phenolic spacers, courtesy of Paul Nimz, a totally clean upper and lower intake, welded cams with those chicken shit welds, some home cooking courtesy of Kirs and a fine 14 hour drive back to Ft Worth.

It was more than a fine time for all involved. I would be remiss if I didn't take the opportunity to than Kris for putting up with a bunch of otherwise responsible adults, sitting around talking cars until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

This is what it should be. Car Guys in a garage talking cars while getting dirty.

E1 and Kris        Rex & Heather   Man Law?        

Trouble!        Hey Man is this bflat?              See Below


Rex's Phenolic's        Why Clean the LIM?


Car Shot-Right to Left: 99SF Rex Mauney, 96MG Eric, 96RM Eric, 96MG Uncl Lar, 97SF Bob Miller

I have been wanting to get this going for a long time. Lots of speed bumps during this month. I would encourage all the local SHO folk who may hold regional get together to take pictures and send them to me.

To get this rolling I'm posting The most recent that I attended and then will do Lapeer Test and Tune Event, hopefully later tonight.

I want to thank Scott Krietemeyer for helping with the hosting of the pictures and videos.

In the 2004 ROTB there is a great MPEG I shot while riding with Scott. Check it out.


This segment is from the Spring Lapeer, Michigan Ron Porter sponsored Test and Tune Day.

WARNING - There are several pictures from the social gathering post test and tune. Most all cars were securely parked and the out of towners were staying about 100 yards, oh say a soft Pitching Wedge, from the Hotel. There was also a birthday being celebrated. And well check out the pictures.

Hopefully I have titled them correctly to help fill in the blanks.

Note: The picture of my Trip OD is 401 not what the title suggests. Old eyes and been at this since @2:15 this afternoon. Now 11:02PM CDT

May 2004 Lapeer Test & Tune http://www.venom.org/SHOfiles/lapeer_spring_2004



Nice to see some familiar faces..

Border Guard asked where we lived, how long out of country and how much did we spend shopping.. {do not ask... but the Auburn Hills economy got a healthy boost today.}

I have a new job.. I will check anyone's SHO tail lights to make sure they are straight.. {thanks Kirk }

Last night M24 should have been called Lake 24. started raining at the turn off to Ron's place all the way to Lapeer. I had Bow Waves higher then the Roof of the Car at 50mph... Nice lightening show also.

My track times sucked.. we were on fumes pulling into Lapeer and I filled the tank full. Did not get to the Track until 4pm.. found out they had not even started racing then. I was not going to pay the $35 to race for one hour.. Thanks LAR for twisting my arm even if you had to do it standing on the Trunk.. all over 16secs.. and the first 5 of 7 I hit the rev limiter on launch.. cleared the PCM and last 2 I never did but car seemed to bog after 2nd gear shift..
Today I have a miss at idle and not pulling in 2nd like it did.....
Have to keep an eye on that.. this week.
No idea how u guys get 400miles.. I had to fill up today. 15.23 gals 412kms... that is 255.4 miles.. yesterday was 423kms and 15.46 gals light on below the redline when into pump.

Larry did like my Trans cooler install, {u forget to take photos.. I will take some with my 35mm and scan them in but that might take a week or 2 until I use the film up}

I was proud of my RT though.. Larry and I both pulled .558 {too bad not on same run} Larry beat me later in that category buy pulling an almost .500 light.

Thanks Rick for the stickers I will post a picture for the list when I get one done.

And that rare cloth, no sunroof, all the other options Larry seems to like... lol.

I think Fred is really starting to hate Michigan... he get the mount tied down for the trip home???

Clare 96 TR V8
"who cares and reads what is done to it"
London, ON


Hey Larry......did you make it to the gas station ? I put 20.46 gallons in mine this morning.....got 427 on that tank (made it south of Louisville, KY), light came on at 380....didn't bother topping off again, I figure it was about empty, so 427 miles on the 20 gallons I started with, roughly 21.3 mpg.......could have been better.....
Total of 576 miles to get home, mostly "spirited" driving with several 3 digit sprints, ALOT of secondary opening, 2 stops and 30 min traffic delay, made it home in 8 hours, but overall actual driving time was 7 hours door to door.....I got lucky a few times, saw at least 8 cops, all going the other way, lucky for me they didn't turn around.

Do I now officially have the SLOwest SHO ?????
I had a total of 20 runs.
Here are the best numbers I could get out of it,

RT .559 (this was on a different run)
60 ft 2.483
594 ft 9.569
1/8 ET 10.170
1/8 MPH 74.85
1/4 ET 15.629
1/4 MPH 88.74 (this was on a different run)

Rick Glass
Nashville, TN
'99 Silver 45k...now 47k after trip to Lapeer
Flowmaster Original 40's
no "pre-muff/no resonator
still not Kirk'd


No I do. I have my slips in my pocket and will go thru the list of them. I only got in 7 runs -
something not right with the car. I at first thought it was the track being slippery,
but something is in a bit of pain.


Here you go..

RT. .558
60ft 2.544
594ft 9.908
1/8 ET 10.53
1/8 MPH 72.27 mph
1/4 ET 16.285
1/4 MPH 87.26 mph

Slowest to fastest ET .168mph which is where it always is. And Scott to let you Know, Larry Red lighted against me...
But he was running decent times all day.



I have been in the 15.4 to 15.6 a few times. MPH as high as just under 92mph.

full interior, full exhaust, 1/2 tank of gas, and a semi porter intake. I need to go down to our local track as I am very familiar with it and pull a few runs on it on a fir or sat night to see.

little humid on sat but winds out of the east.. {tailwind}
and it stopped when the sun came out fully.




Just returned from the Mallinson Ranch, where a SHO gathering was held. SHOCAGO was largely represented, however GIII's finally outnumbered all others with a total of 8! Carter and Tammy, Eric and Kris, Buford, myself, John Breen, a new lurker we met named simply A.J. (as yet unwelded - poor guy got more than he bargained for), Paul Nimz, Tony Fulone, Ryan Pasch, Tom and his wife, Mike K and a buneh more were there.

I brought along the fubar radiator that contributed to the demise of SW9 in the desert for all to see and heed.

All in all as usual our Host Don and Hostess Jan, provided a fun atmosphere to hang out on their lovely ranch.

I got a special treat when Carter casually tossed me the keys to Whoosh. Now you know I was very cautious as I always am with someone else's ride. Hell No!! I pulled out of Don's driveway, check traffic and stuck it! Of course it's sick fast. But---ya gotta see his front brakes haul that puppy down. Dual piston calipers on the front. Had to pry my teeth outta the steering wheel. Man, that was fun!!

I can safely say a good time was had by all.  See for yourself.


Of course it's a SHO         Eric's Stable            Our Host at the grill      Gotta have

                                                                     Eric, Kris & Tim           Horses


Of Course, Paul!     The Group Shot

Just a note to say there was a great turnout for the meeting
at the Mallinson Ranch for the SHOcago group and friends.

It is a long haul for many of you from Around the area, but
Jan and I (and Ken and Jodie and Ethan) really enjoyed
seeing all of you again, and a pleasure to play host and
line cook for the group!

Great to see Larry Eck make it and took a break from putting
SOWHAT9 back together (and Eric, thanks for all you are
doing for Larry!).

Always good to see Tony Fullone because, well because he is
just so much fun and tells such great stories.

Tim Wright made it up from Decatur (and sorry we didn't get
that frozen Oreo/ice cream cake out for the group, but we did
make good use of it later in the evening sharing it with my
grandchildren, they all said to say THANKS!)

And all the rest of the gang that attended, along with
Carter and his family, great to see you out and about and
doing well, especially that you survived the convention!

And Mike, thanks for your advice, I look forward to getting
started on our project.

IT was a great day, could have done without some of the
Illinois humidity though, I was just getting used to it when
I came into the A/C for the evening!

Hope everyone had a safe trip home, I hear the police were
out in force for the holiday.

Don and Jan Mallinson




Here you go Larry

Camfest II in Nashville was held 8/26-8/31. Talk about a great time. Cam welding, eats, drinks and a lot great laughs and practical jokes. Got to meet a lot of great people. Rick Glass hosted the camfest at his house. The local Microtel hosted the mess all of out of towners made. Ruby Tuesday's was a great help too! We won't get into details about that though. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. I tend to raise a rukus where ever I go and let me tell you I did. Check out the pics....See you all at Lapeer.



My Baby's Officially welded        Who Got Rick A Booster Chair???


I Thought These Things Came In Green    Where's the Princess Plate???

.....I Think I See An Imposter Too


Bow to the Princess...and I don't       

 mean the car!!


Tranny problems on the way home.



The last welding of SouthEast CamFest II was wrapped up today.....why is mine always last ??

We had lots of laughs, heard some great stories (not sure how far the truth factor really applies) we had a few nice meals, had a few drinks (is 12 considered a few)......we even managed to get a few SHO's welded between naps and drinks.....meals, dangit I meant meals.

Kirk was as impressive as ever, I didn't even know you could weld cams without pulling the valve covers.

With the new single platinum plugs, 2 new hydraulic lifters, 1 new push rod, and fresh blinker fluid....
I should be good for another 200k.

Seriously though, I met some wonderful people this week, a few even stayed an extra day or 5 (Jenn). I hope to see each and every one of you at an event some time in the future, or just come by the next CamFest.....how does November sound ?

In all 8 cars were welded and pampered, 2 others received the rest of the pampering (they were already welded).

Rick Glass
Nashville, TN


*Following should be read with TIC*

OK well here is the breakdown of my cam weld experience:

I show up and I see Chris dressed up as a cowboy and he waves me in to Rick’s carport. I get out thinking to myself, "I should just leave and eat the deposit I put down", but everyone says that they are the best and I stayed.
Thank God.

Anyway, Rick and Kirk are gone for the moment and I sit and talk with Chris as he starts taking my engine apart. I was confused as he was only using a flat head screwdriver  to take it apart. He was preaching to me about how it’s the only tool you need, and any other tool was designed by the Nazis back in WWII. I thought he was crazy but he managed to get to the cams with only the screw driver. I was impressed.

Kirk Finally shows up and I cant swear by it, but I think he was drunk. He stumbled over to the welder and carved his initials into my passenger side fender. I almost got mad at this point, but Kirk assured me it was necessary to get the welder set to the right temperature and that it would buff right out. He did the welds and all the while Miss Swire practiced her interpretive dance out on Ricks lawn. It made the time pass by faster that was for sure.

Jennifer got bored of her dance and started chasing Rick around with a rubber chicken until Kirk grabbed it from her so he check the cam duration of my SHO.

Kirk told me that according to the RCC (rubber chicken check) my cam bearings were 83% off tolerance and I would have to have him replaced. He told me to wait and he would pick them up for me. After about three hours he comes back with a 2 go box from the outback steak house, which he claimed contained the cam bearings.

He forced me to close my eyes while the bearing were installed, as it was a closely guarded family secret

He told me he was done after like 45 seconds. This is a testament on the quality of Ford engineering to allow for a 45 second install. Another RCC check did in fact show that the cam bearings did the trick.

So they put everything back together reusing all my old seals and oil as they wanted to be environmentally conscious, I found that comforting in these times of earth crisis. 

Well after they were done my engine sounded like it was all messed up, but Kirk assured me it was custom tuned to give it that muscle car lope.

All in all I suggest Kirk's work and it is worth the 11,000 dollars I paid for it

Blake Everhart
'96 Welded

Thanks Blake but your "Bank of Skip to my lou my darling" check bounced,
flipped then played dead. Time to try out the lethal injection seat for the


Uhhhhhh Ummmmmm hey look lets not get hasty here. Come to find out my brothers girlfriends former roommate... yeah ...... needed a colonectomy and she didnt have insurance. So I had to pay for the surgery. Thats why the check bounced. Ease up off the kill Blake button and I'll mail you a new check. It's from my other bank......... Ruples Savings and Loan. Its a well know bank in lower middle eastern Switzerland.


Dude, if I would have known something like that was going down, I would have
told Kirk myself and made arrangements before he found out from his bank.
How did the hospital cash the check before Kirk?

Paul L Fisher

(some people missed the joke bus on this one)

*And this from Kirk when I questioned the sanity of the thread*

It is made to be funny.. not the NSF guy and you can host it just put a header stateing that its a funny and shows the good time and friends you make on these trips.

Thanks dude


Actually (and I know I shouldn't spread rumors), I hear Kirk is taking night
classes in otorhinolaryngology. Word has it he's trying to perfect a camweld
procedure that involves a scope and something about removing the air filter.
He tried the proctology class, but couldn't figure out getting the scope
through the cats.

Brad Bender

Absolutely nobody got that one Brad. " I know your'e out there, I can hear the ice melting......."

All of the above excerpts were taken from folks who recently gathered outside Nashville TN for the SW Camfest hosted by Rick. As you can see more than cams get welded, so do friendships. At the end of the day a great time was had by all.

*creative editing by Uncl Lar*


10/04/2004 - Ontario Invasion of Massachusetts

Up at 5:45am.
get Girls ready,
Check fluids in cars. {added washer fluid, rest fine}
Check all lights.. everything works.
Leave house at 7am, {anyone with young kids knows this issue}
get to my sisters place 18miles east of London about 7:30, {stopped to get Coffees}
In taking my 1yr old stuff out of car we figure out that we left out suitcase of stuff at home..
Make executive decision to go on without it.
get on 401 right at 7:55am.
Clear customs in New York state at 9:45am, Had to stop on our side for 5yr old bathroom break and me to get ride of Our Monopoly money for that oh so colourfull US stuff.
Customs wants blood sample, urine test and rectal probe.
Way easier and nicer to cross into MI. Dog sniffing around cars at NY.
about 11:15am I hear rumble from back of car,, {I want lunch....} so decide that not make 2 stops for lunch and gas, {car still above 1/4 tank mark, had 107KMs on Trip odo when we left house}. stop at 11:30 at Finger Lakes Service Stop on I90.
{raining in places along this stretch}, Saw a TR GEN 3 going westbound non tinted windows and those black window rain deflectors on doors.
12:05 back on highway full on all fuels. {1.95 a gallon for reg... Yikes...}
NY drivers are the worst people on highway cut ya off, turn signals are options, at 70mph with cruise on they see a cop, {most I have ever seen on this trip}, everyone gets on brakes...
What for.. 5mph.. geesh.. we in Ont w/o Radar detectors are 15-20km over and cops are hard to find.
This becomes my pet peeve rest of trip.
Lori Decides to call my sister to see how Braelyn is doing near Utica, NY no cell phone, I call home number get message this cell phone number you are calling from is not registered.. in MI it works fine..
We decide to try later.
Near Albany I notice a GEN 2 climb on my bumper decide since I am going for mileage not to play. move into Centre lane and guy from Right lane decides he wants to be in my lane at last minute... GEN2 has my old spot I dive right. Lori looks over and sees Da BOyZ in DA hud in dark Blue Gen. 2 look over driver punches thinking I am playing, No I am saving front bumper.. I let him go, he goes on 90 I take 87 around city.
Now I am no fond of crossing big bridges over bodies of water, {no idea why but it is bad enough I get sweaty palms, this is from a guy that has jumped out of airplanes... might be due to I am not a strong swimmer, I would out sink the SHO.}
I start over bridge over Hudson,, My wife who knows this just rest her hand on my knee and that keeps me ok..
we start looking at directions I printed off at work and not off Streets and trips at home.
The exit at Kirk's does not make sense to me.
Jordan now rumbling she has to go to bathroom.
We stop at Exxon centre at LEE, MA.
I get map.. {free wow here I have to pay for them}
decide to fill up tank {though not needed but not stopping again}
Go to call Kirk's #, Lori gave paper to my sister thinking it for her. now 3:50pm.
I do math and know not getting to Spencer till after 5pm.
We try using our Phone calling cards and Credit cards on pay phone due to cell not working again... Now hits my as to why Rogers charges you $40 a month for US service even if you do not use it. {I do not have it..:o(}
oh well Figure out exit at Kirks place. away we go...
Lori pisses her self laughing at colours on MA Troopers cars.. {these guys had people pulled over all over the Pike}
We are trying to figure out why traffic is bad, {heavy and all over the speedo for pace}
Get to Spencer get change to call my sister, call Kirk.
He is now with GF at her work with door in Truck.
Ok back on Pike, traffic worse now about 5:30pm.
get to Sara's work spot SHODWN plate in parking lot.
after discussing it we have dinner at her work, {best Clam Chowder I have had}
Kirk keeps on me about driving back.
Find out Northern Flank of Invasion never showed up or communicated.. :oP

We leave about 8:30pm, after getting door in trunk in Rain, and I check out truck and other heavy equipment Kirk has.
Back on Pike traffic not bad but raining hard in the dark, and the highway markings are not up to what we have here.
another GEN3 passes me with NY plates aftermarket wheels, car has what looks like 2 fart cannons on back, guys gives it shot and to me it sound like a V6. In dark in rain not sure if it could have been 24V V6 with spoiler on trunk.
I now mine sounds better then it did.
Get back to bridge I am convincing myself ok, in the rain and wind.. {driving through cold front}
MY mind does matter and I pull over to switch with Lori.
Tell her to wake me when trip odometer hits 420kms
she does and I do calculations we good for a bit.
At 490kms Lori says she has to make pitstop.
so at 499.0kms we stop for gas. Place had a sign about the battle of Oriskany in the war of Independence.
Get a Coffee from dunkin donuts {crap}
Wake guy up in pump booth.
Back on highway and no traffic. steady 70mph all the way to border.
did have a NY trooper come up behind me.. from where no idea. pace me for about 15 mins and then backed off and next ramp he was gone.
get to I290 I90 exits pay toll Cross back into Canada an Lewiston NY. At 3:15AM in morning I am not in mood for 20 questions on Why I drove 500+miles one way to get a car door. {this is on CDN side}.
at 4am Jordan wakes up as to go for break. Stop at Beamsville Ontario Sunoco, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Wendys stop.
Fill car, empty ourselves, decide to get Breakfast. McDonalds is only serving Burger menu... {who wants Fkng burgers 4am..} decide just to have a hamburger each. and a milk for Jordan.
at 5:50am I am in house turning on Furnace as it is 2 deg Celsius at home {about 34F} We had Frost Friday morning and ice on car windows.

Car worked great and this morning all Fluids right on the marks. have to figure out mileage, all fill-ups took about 11-13 gallons due to timing. never was below 1/4 tank on any. 576.5 miles from here to Spencer to Bar.

1153 miles on car in 23 hours.. with a total rest period of about 2.5

and this morning I have message on machine could have stayed with good friend of mine who lives in Bolton and is a Professor at Bentley College in Boston

And to think Homer thought his trip to be an Odyssey!!



So I know some of you have been waiting for this so here it is......my camfest experience. I had my SHO welded last August by Kirk but this time I was just going along for the fun. It was great meeting everyone as always Rick V., Tudor, Dave, and Trey. It was a pretty quiet trip and there weren't any food poisoning incidents this time, although the waitress at Ruby Tuesday did remember the Vomit Volcano! Rick G, the host of the camfest, got to show off his new living room furniture....see picture! Kirk resurrected the SHO Rick bought. Of course he couldn't wait to drive it so we decided to get Arby's for lunch and he just had to take it. I told him I would kick his a$$ if it broke down on the way and of course IT DID!!!! Fortunately for him Arby's service sucks and he got it started by the time I came out with the food. When we got back Kirk worked a little magic and the car is running like brand new now. I even got to get dirty this time and clean parts of Rick G's filthy engine. Rick G almost got in a fight at Shooters with a waitress twice as tall as him, which makes her about 5'9. I also got to drive Rick's convertible and Taxi but unfortunately I am a little taller than him and couldn't fit in them too well! (see pictures)
On the way home we decided to stop at the Kentucky Speedway but I guess the snow on the ground should have clued us in that it would be closed. We got to pass by Rick G's old hometown of PeeWee Valley, KY and Big Bone Lick State Park. Kirk and I stopped in Cincinnati to have Lunch with Brad Hogue, got to see the SHO Wagon. Almost home in the middle of nowhere in Nowhere, PA and we almost run out of diesel on a Sunday night at 1130pm. We had a better shot of seeing a field of 100 cows than finding fuel at the first exit we got off but at the second one we found some. All in all a great trip. Can't wait to go to Houston and Tulsa!
96 Silver


Hmm Rick, you look right at home in the Barbie Bed. As usual, I'm betting there was more to it than reported. Like everybody had a great time and Kirk welded a few more.





Today was the day a few of us car guys got together in Cape Girardeau Missouri. All total there were 7 of us showed up, not bad for a first time I guess. We had my 6, K. Mier and one of his buddys from the Subie list , and (ok I am getting old and forgetful) last but not least we had the guys from Louisville Ky. Guess thats one way to see what else the tranny shop forgot to fix on his car LOL. 
John Stout

I apologize for not being more chipper at the get together, I'm usually not that boring. Just down right worn out, could have closed my eyes and let autopilot get me home.:( Still chewing on that tough steak, no kidding! 
Stout wants me to be sure and bring my left over fireworks to the convention. :)) 
Andrew was the other guys name. I hope he comes through on a dyno day for us, $25 for three pulls seems awful cheap. Ron, it's a four wheel dyno too. 
I had a good time. Met John Stout, Alan Ridge, and I can't recall his buds name, (my mind is like a steel cage, with the bottom rusted out), Andrew from a Suby site, and my AWA and boy were there. Would of liked to do more, but things just didn't fall in my favour Saturday. 

Just a note, Alan talked highly of the v8sho list. Said the people here were very helpful and didn't bash each other for driving something different. Alan's a nice guy. Now John Stout on the other hand... :o) 

k mier
just kidding John, it was a pleasure to meet you.
Yeah your just po'd cause I won the bet  if Alan's trunk key would work or not, it did LOL, was nice to meet everyone , Andrew seems like a piece of work ( that's meant in a good way) yeah, already looking forward to getting together again, just imagine what the "scenery" will be like if its warm outside.


yea, that's right, you did win that bet. A SHO trunk that would open with a key. Whoda thunk it! 

k mier


Had a kid drop by today to discuss getting his SHO welded. It's a '96 Rose Mist with 51K miles. Photo shows it along with my '96 SF and the cam failed '97 PG I picked up last week in the garage. He has a bad IMRC. He had the 3rd cat removed, runs straight pipes without muffs, and says he is only getting about 12 mpg around town. Hasn't there been some discussion about poor performance when back pressure is reduced to much?


Lucien Frederick
'96 SF welded
26 mm RSB
rear SFB up front
12 mpg around town just means there's nothing wrong with the gas pedal. :-)

Gingerman 5/4/2006:  http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=10138192&uid=168194

Trans Coolers and Gatherings 

Went up to Sheboygan WI today to hook up with SHO Crazy and now SHO CRZE (plus with attitude) Kris and Andy Aug.....meir as well as derKirkmeister, Christ Archer, Tony Fallone
and 2 yet to be introduced folk with a mint GI complete with police grill, lowered, cool wheels. and my favorite color - Crimson. 

Der Meister was also bringing me some facelift for SW9. Much clearer headlight lens, especially after some serious polishing in the blistering sun. Almost as good now as Pauls. 

He also brought me a GII tranny cooler which is the crux of my story anyway.

Since SW9 decided a couple of weeks ago that her mystery transmission - the old list dogs and all the troll bar will get that one, the rebuild with all the bling has been running, no matter O.A.T. - Clare you tell them what that means, has been rock steady at 210!! Formerly with the mystery trans, it at least behaved itself at an acceptable 180.

After removing the splash guard (happy now Archer??) and of course the famous SW9 custom bent air damn, Kirk inspects the B&M Plate and it's installation, to which to my surprise gives thumbs up, we discuss plumbing options and he kicks me in my 6 and sez get busy. 

After dropping this engine as much as I have, this to me was a no brainer. Uh Huh. After much soul searching I committed to an install point, to which I have no pictures. Blame the heat - 90+!This old faht could only handle about 30 minutes at a whack, but I made them useful!
I have suspended it under the B&M with its total finned space facing down. I get the necessary 3/8's hose, barbs, and of course worm clamps, and set off to make it so. 

Went quick, dressing it took more time. I wanted the big cooler to see the fluid first, then pass it to the second. Later I will add some sort of snap switch/thermostat for winter use.

Best part??? Other SHO Folk, cars in the air, tools, and compressors making noise - "That's my 10mm 12pt deep well dude, get your own"

And of course Kirs's spread for the dirty workers. Man did we eat eh Tony?

Was great to see all my old buds - Kirk, Chris, Kris A, Andy A, his neighbors, and most of all just be with some good folks!

You can't beat the over all Convention Experience, next best thing?? Small regional gatherings such as today.

Sometimes you just gotta step back and be thankful you found these hunks of steel- after all, it's just a stupid car!

sw9_brafront.jpg (62461 bytes)                 HOSTESS.jpg (90171 bytes)

Dressed for road trip!      Our lovely sponsor for the day


crimson_GI.jpg (82196 bytes)                            andy-a.jpg (86218 bytes)

New, unamed friends Crimson     Nope, as much as you would like that to be Kirk, sorry that's


                          SW_9-USUAL-POSITION.jpg (111313 bytes)

       SW9 in Usual position when not tearing up WI Roads. 

new 02/25/2007

TCCA Gingerman Raceway Spring Track Event Spring 2007


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