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Sound of a Healthy V8

new 3/27/02

Lots of talk about failing engines again today. As promised, I made a video clip of my engine while warm at idle. It is available here http://rmdudek.home.mindspring.com/ under the SHO Stuff directory. Only file in there, shouldn't be too hard to find. Its 3.8mb. Video pans from front of engine over to accessory belts then over to intake. When compared to the failing sprockets on the v8sho site (http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/PossibleCamNoise.htm) you can really tell the difference between a normal and a failing engine. Hopefully this can help to quell some of the cam sprocket hysteria on the list. Tim, feel free to post a link to the file on the FAQ should you so desire.

Ryan Dudek
98 Black
Clarkston, MI


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