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Fastest V8SHO's 

updated 8/11/03

Normally aspirated:
Car Owner 60 Foot 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH
Paul Nimz 2,113 9.367 73.99 14.609 (Best E.T.) 95.13
Paul Nimz 2.192 9.508 78.64 14.737 97.60 (Best 
Trap Speed)
Ron Porter 2.078 9.516 77.92 14.673  95.32
Ron Porter 2.247 9.933 77.32 14.847 95.82 

Ron has only a few modifications on his car including UDP, Turbo Mufflers and a "Porterized" induction system.  Oh yeah, he subscribes to the "drive it like you stole it school", meaning that this car has been driven hard all the time.

Paul Nimz' Mods - 4" air duct with SHO Shop cone filter in the fender, 3rd cat gone, SHO Shop UDP, FordChip, Resonator gone, Bullet mufflers, OEM tips with OEM restriction, ATX cooler, Addition water radiator for the oil cooler cooling water, VAL 1, Switched antenna, OBDII data reader/logger, 12" MTX sub, Profile 450w amp, 3-350mF caps in parallel, Amsoil ATX fluid, Redline D4 Power Steering fluid, Amsoil 5w30 oil, Large size oil filter (K&N HP-3001 or Mobil 1 M-301), Heat shield on the oil filter w/magnet, WOT cut out (VAK) for the alternator, VAPS and A/C (sooner than OEM), 14V boost when the alternator is off, Battery in the trunk, 20 lb Hawker SBS30 Gel Cell, w Hawker BC single cell, PCV plumbed through a baffled catch can prior to intake, Speed Bleeder brake bleeder valves, Rear brake proportion valve is disabled with plugs, 26mm rear sway bar with TPR bushings and Poly end links, 24mm front sway bar with Poly bushings, SHO Shop front strut tower brace, Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings, Sub Frame Connectors, Nitto 450 EP 225/50/Z16, 3" under body side skirts, 2 & 3/4"" front spoiler, PIAA 9007 Super White headlight bulbs, 100w headlight harness, 50w rear turn signals, 50w backup lights, Rear turn signals wired to come on with brake lights, Front side markers converted to clear Cornering lights, Painted calipers (orange yikes!), Police Interceptor badge, Yamaha badge on rear, Hidden scanner and CB install,

Best NOS Equipped:

Car Owner 60 Foot 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH
Scott Waters 2.032 8.970 81.75 13.813 102.30

Scott has numerous modifications on his car including ZEX 75HP Nitrous System (85-100HP NX Jetting also), NOS Bottle Heater, eRam (Electric Supercharger-not in use), K&N Cone (0840, 2790 and/or 0940), SuperChip (JJK2-not in use), Battery relocation kit, ASP Racing UDP (Underdrive pulley), No Cat, No Rez...with 14" FloPro Mufflers and Exhaust Valve Gate, S.A.R.C. Switch and Dual Pods (Oil Pressure & Voltmeter), Throttle Body Coolant Line Loop, GTS Headlight Covers (all lights/signals blacked out), Rally Driving Lights and HID 9007's, American Racing 16x7 Speedster's, Yokohama AVS-S4 Z 225/55/16 (Sipe'd), Nitto Drag Radials 225/50/16 NT-555R, Police Interceptor, V8 and SHO Door Badges, 35% Window Tint All Around, Two-tone Wheelskin, Motorola 800 MHz Trunking Scanner, IBM ThinkPad with Autotap Software AT2 OBD-II, Jotto Desk, H2O SHO (Vanity Plate), GTechPro, Cobra Detector.  To say the least he is one of the pioneers of the V8SHO movement.


Randy Mercante had a 13.6 Built buy Doug Still the fastest one so far (NOS)
Scottie Watters ran a 13.8 (NOS)
and I ran a bunch of 13.9's and one high 13.8 (NOS)

Kirk J. Doucette

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