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Bearing or CV

new 02/10/2009

Lately when I make any kind of hard left turn I am getting a grinding noise from the right front side. It is not constant, about 1/8 of a tire revolution. The colder it is, the more pronounced the sound and longer duration each revolution.

Thanks for your help,


I would lean toward a hub going bad. When the front passenger side went bad I would get a rotor rub on sharp left turns. Because of the play the rotor would rub on the caliper mounting bracket. Eventually it turned into the constant grind. I replaced the hub and the sound is now gone.

Dave Manke

96 TR/Tan

Rule of thumb :

When a bearing up front is going bad and making noise going around a
turn, it will be the bearing in the wheel that is on the OUTSIDE of
the turn. i.e. - left turn = right hub. Right turn = left hub. Both of
your experiences agree with this logic too.

Eric Lehmann
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Thanks Eric & Dave. That is what I thought. Now I just wish it would warm up a tad to make this job a bit more tolerable. ;-)

If you have the space to work in your garage with the door closed try fixing it after the engine is nice and warm. You'd be surprised how much heat that thing throws when you are working in the wheel well area. I did mine on a 30 degree day in the driveway, it was tolerable.
Dave Manke

96 TR/Tan
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