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Mortality Tables

new 5/13/03

Today I got two letters asking if cam failure is inevitable or abuse/neglect related. I would remind all owners that this is a design defect which has so far effected each and every year and in very large numbers.

Based on rather sophisticated modeling our best estimate is that by the end of 2002 about 77% of V8SHOs have experienced cam failure. By the end of 2003 we project 86% of V8SHOs will experience cam failure. This is a confirmation of my worst fears based on the recent sudden drop of reported failures. When do Sharks Quit Eating?

Our reports are that Ford has been out of engines since last summer, We have also received a lot of reports of folks getting stiffed by Ford even if they have a warranty. What We Know, What Ford Does Not Want You to Know, & Who Is To Blame.

We once thought that an owner should experience a ticking noise for a month or 1,000 miles before a cam lets go. We since learned not to rely on that. We then assumed that every cam failure is at least preceded by some audible warning, That is not the case: 

"BTW, for those SHO owners delaying the weld, please consider this. The sprocket on my back exhaust was loose and had moved about 1/8 inch. Absolutely no noise yet. I'm a very lucky guy and I truly do appreciate that fact. " - FPS Cam Weld Experience 

We know that about 1,000 V8SHOs have welded cams which should never fail as long as the valves don't stick. We now know that about 21,000 V8SHOs were made. What we don't know is what percent of the V8SHOs with cam failures are repaired and back on the road. Certainly an owner is more likely to repair an engine when the book value was $20,000 than when it is $6,000 or less.  Based on informal estimates I suspect only 50% - 25% of recent cam failures are quickly repaired.

If we do prevail in our class action lawsuit it may be in 2007 or later? How many owners will then take that compensation and revive a SHO that has been parked for 4-6 years?  We know this, the vast majority of V8SHOs with stock cams have failed or will fail soon to the complete indifference of Ford. Reptiles and ants make better parents.  If you have a V8SHO and the cams have not yet failed I can tell you of the guy I know with 190,000 miles before he got the ticking noise. But I could also tell you of 3 cam failures before 25,000 miles and that the average cam failure occurs at 75,000 and that we think about 82% have failed so far. (not that there was ever an aftermarket market for our cars). The target market for new V8 SHOs was 55 years old, now tell me 82% of near retirement owners abuse their cars?

Soon and very soon there will only be those who welded or pined their cams or the very rare exception. Hey maybe you are that lucky? I doubt it, and I am sick because soon our car will all but cease to exist. And Ford never cared, they knew and let it happen. 

If you have a V8 SHO, weld it or you will soon lose it.  It is that simple. See Folks Who Will Weld Your Cams.  One can prevent failure at much less cost and trouble than repair or replace an engine. If you lose an engine and even if you one day get reimbursed by Ford it will never bring back the buffalo.

You need to do the 100k PM anyway, fix the burned rear main wiring harness and clean the butterflies anyway. Why not do it early and save your car too?

See Consensus Recommendation 

Sorry to be the one sharing bad news,


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