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Vendors Specials

updated often

I have decided that we should have an area where all vendors of GENIII SHO related products can announce to the world what they have. 
Not many rules here but there are a few.
1)Price quoting will not be allowed. Members can contact the vendor on their own for further information regarding price/availability/other questions.
2)This area will be for announcements only. There will be no feedback that will be posted.
3)If a particular vendor has a website, I'll be more than happy to point the V8 group to the site based on the product you are announcing. It will be located on the Front Page of the site and will be updated as information is provided PRODUCTS OFFERED HERE MUST BE ABLE TO SHIP TO THE PURCHASER WITHIN 14 DAYS OF ORDER UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED.


This is provided to our members as a service for all things related to the GENIII.



Reinforced Motor Mount new 1/21/2004
Anonda Motorsports products for the V8 SHO new 1/24/2004
http://www.alfitz.com/sho/yamaha-emblems.htm  new 2/1/2004
Aluminum Subframe Bushings new 2/4/2004
Tuners For All GIII new 03/10/2005
Stainless Brake Lines new 10/25/2006


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